Grown Up Stories- Give Me Recs!


I love Episode and I’ve been able to find some really great stories on here like Fade into Me, The Butterfly (E.R Gurney) and Rebellion (talesbyeleanor) but it’s become a bit of a challenge lately.

What are some less popular stories that have more mature language or elevated vocabulary? I’m not looking for something vulgar, just geared towards older audiences with clever writing. Thank you



Well, there’s a story by Evil Ebonni that I’m loving at the moment, it’s called ‘Fine Line’, there’s also another called ‘Adrenaline’ by her. They’re really good stories!


Hey thanks for your suggestion. I love that story and Adrenaline. Are there any lesser known similar stories you know of ?


Hmm… I’ll give you a list and you can see if you’ve read them, I have tons to recommend!
Autumn: Utopia,
The Bunny Boiler,
The Curse of Charlie,
Southern Belles,
Side Chick’s Guide to Revenge,
Playing for Keeps,
Sector 9,
Just say if you want any more :smile:


Woah- we have a lot of similar tastes but I see some new ones on there ! Thank you

Let me know if you need some.


Do you go on Instagram @yanawrotethat ? There is a page that I am part of called: Episode Late Night Drinks that recommend great stories that are written by or for this audience. If you do not go on Instagram, let me know. When I have a chance I will check the page and pick some of my favorites from it.


I have an Instagram and I would love to follow but I was wondering on your opinion - do you think it’s smart to have an episode Instagram separate from my regular one or it doesn’t matter ?


I only have an Episode Instagram. I already have a personal Twitter and Facebook that I use with my friends and family, so it make it easier, I decided to just make it an Episode account. I think it is better to have a separate account because your friends and family may be confused about all the Episode stuff and you may want to keep your personal life private. I do follow a few Episode people on Twitter and FB that I became close to, but mostly I only follow people under my Episode IG account.


If you have any suggestions for good stories we should feature on our page, let me know. Do you write too? If you do, I may want to check it out. If you want to check my story out, it’s Many Miles and Years Away. I can include the cover photo and link later when I am at home.


@yanawrotethat I know one story that perfectly fits the description of what you’re looking for, and that story is H & V: The Smoke that Separates Us by @Res. Now, this is a fairly new (and underrated) story and a very interesting one in many ways. One thing that it does that makes it stand out from most other stories in my opinion is its well-written dialogue. It’ll keep you invested in the plot throughout the story, at least for me it did, anyway.

Anyways, without spoiling anything, the main character is a middle-aged man named David. In the story, you’ll follow and uncover his deep, internal struggles after he quits smoking. It’s some very interesting stuff. Here’s more about the story directly from the author if you’re interested:

I’d definitely give this one a read if you’re looking for stories with the description in your post. :slight_smile:


I am an aspiring writer (outside of episode) and I love writing stories but I suck at directing and haven’t quite figured it out yet. But In the meantime I have a lot of stories to recommend so far - can you message me your ig ? I’m still trying to decide on the account stuff but I want to keep in touch!


I loved a few H & V entries so I’m definitely excited to read your recommendation. I love a good dialogue, thank you!


If you can, that would be great!



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