Guaranteed read for reads!

Hey everyone! :smile:

I want to promote my story but also, I want to help new writers as much as I can!

Let’s face it, it is hard starting out and getting noticed.

So I figured, why not set this up and help people gain readers and followers.

I know this is not the first topic/post like this but I want to guarantee reads.

Here is how I would like this to work.

I am asking you to read the first 3 episodes of my story. Then, I would like if you can screenshot it to show you have read the story and send it to me as a guarantee.

Once you have shown me via the screen shot that you have read 3 episodes of my story. I will then go ahead and read a couple of episodes of your story and I will give you a review of what I think.

I can either give the review by replying on this post or, if you would prefer, I can send it in a private message.

I will also follow back anyone who also follows me on instagram! My instagram is newly set up as are both of my stories. You can find me on instagram on the following: @missmac.episodes.

I am going to kick this off by introducing my story. And any stories you want me to review, I would ask you to do the same.

Please do not post any stories here to get reads unless you are going to abide by the guidelines above. I don’t want this post to be spammed with people who are not willing to do read for reads and not follow the guidelines above.

Thanks everyone! Happy reading :wink:

Story title: For The Love Of The Gang
Author: Miss Mac
Genre: Romance/Drama
Story style: INK
Number of episodes: 3 (Ongoing)
Instagrams: @missmac.episodes
Description: Lucia has been in and out of foster homes since the age of 6 due to dramatic events. That is until she is found by her uncle who has been searching from her years. Lucia now has to get used to a new town, home and school while dealing with her traumatic past. The past doesn’t stay in the past when secrets, lies and new revelations come to light! Mature themes, choices, love, bad boys, thrills, action and much more. You don’t want to miss this. Let’s see how Lucia’s life unfolds when she meets bad boy Romeo!


Hi @missmac1,

I’d love to do a read for red with you! :):smile:
I completely understand your rules, as I get that people may not actually read the episodes when said they have.

I will have the three episodes of your story read by Saturday (EST), and send you the screenshots. :slight_smile:
I ask that in return, you please read the first three episodes of my story, “Love Never Fails” and also send me private screenshots either in instagram or in DM in the community forum.

Here’s the info on my story!
Please check out my story - "Love Never Fails"

My Story Description: Have you ever wondered if people could love you for who you really are? After an unexpected breakup, can you overcome stigma, insecurities, and survive after your predictable and controlled world comes crashing down? MC customization in chapter 3

Author: Catelyn
Style: Ink
Instagram: @episode.loveneverfails

If you have struggled with overcoming the stigma of mental illness in a family member, then I hope this story will be meaningful for you. The topic is close to my heart.

All the best to you!
Catelyn :sparkling_heart:

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Hey! I’d love to do a read for read with you :slight_smile:

I’ll send you a screenshot on instagram when I finish them :slight_smile: I just followed you.

My story is called Revival.

Heres the description!

The story is about Lillian Hayes, who is a professional criminal in a futuristic society. Lillian lives at The Circle, a home for thieves and rebels who resist the new dictatorship government. Love, family drama, action and plot twists; find it all in Revival! It would mean the world to me if you would check it out :slight_smile:

Instagram: episode__grace
Style: Ink
Author: Grace


Great! I am happy we can help each other out ! I’m liking the sound of your story! I’ll definitely read it once you send on the screenshots that you have read mine and I’ll do the same :smile: Thanks !

Sounds great! :slight_smile:! I’ll check out your story when you have sent the screen shots :wink: Thanks! Your story looks interesting so I’ll look forward to reading it! I will also follow you back on instagram!

I have made a small trailer of my story so far for people to view if they want. It’s short and sweet and doesn’t contain everything. It focuses on the two main characters but my story contains more than just those two!

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Hey thank you so much for creating this thread. I started on your story and when I’m done I’ll send you the screen shots as prove.:blush:

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Sounds great! Thank you :blush:

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Here are my story details:
Title: Both of Us
Genre: Drama/Romance
Style: Ink
Episodes: 12 (ongoing)
Description: Marie wanted the truth, but she wasn’t prepared to unearth her family’s dangerous secrets… or to find love.
Author: Zoe K

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:
I will read your story asap and send screenshots.

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Thanks for commenting! I will check out your story as soon as I get the screenshots from you. :smile:

I’m tottaly in for a R4R

Title: Fantastical: Death Song
Author: Olivia Franco
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Episodes: 3 (on going)
Instagram: livwriter
Style: INK
Story Description: You’re the last of your kind and to survive, you have to work for a race that despises you. What happens when Gisha goes on a journey to find the truth?

It would mean THE WORLD to me if you could read it and give me some feedback

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Feel free to check out my story, fourth episode has just been published. I’ll be looking over these stories in this thread because they all look amazing!!

Thanks sm

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I sent the screenshots, hope you enjoy my story!

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So I already read your story. I really liked it. Very good plot and amazing directing. Keep up the good work.:slight_smile:

Here’s the details to my story in case you want to check it out.
Author: SS
Title: Shattered Souls
Genre: Romance
Style: Ink
Description: What happens when two shattered souls find each other? Will love prevail? +18

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Thanks so much for your feedback and for reading my story! I will read yours and will send you the screen shots to show that I have read it! :grin:

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Glad that you are up for R4R. Once you have sent on proof of reading 3 episodes of my story I will read yours, no problem! :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting! As the post states, once you have read 3 episodes of my story, I will definitely read yours. Once you send me screen shots that you have read it. I will read yours!:blush:

“Then Again…” By Ally Starlight. Check it out please!

I have read a few episodes of your story. Here is the screen shot. I will send other screenshots I took in each chapter and give you a review via private message.

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Hi, I would love to do read for read with you!

I will send you the screen shots through instagram! should be done within the next day or so, my schedule is in flux but I WILL read it as soon as I can!

My story:
Title: The Mystical Realm
Author: Melyelaine
Genre: Fantasy
Story style: Limelight
Number of episodes: 3 (ongoing)
Instagram: Melyelaine
Description: Embark on a journey to uncover the mysteries of the Mystical Realm and your past. Learn how to use your powers, fall in love and the fate of the realm. choices matter. customize.

Thanks, I’m looking forward to reading your story!

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