Guaranteed Reads + Feedback! Help out Authors!

Hello, I’m going to try doing something a bit different (not sure if it’s already been done). I’ll be structuring this thread in a way that EVERYONE on here receives reads!
Each story promoted on this thread will receive multiple reads + feedback if there is plenty of participation. This is guaranteed for each post! I’ll explain it best I can, let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

To promote your story here, you MUST include feedback of a story previously posted on this thread before your own promotion. This may all be in the same reply/post. You don’t have to have read the entire story you’re giving feedback on, if you only have time for one chapter then thats fine (it’s nice to read more though).

The feedback doesn’t need to be long and super-detailed, but please don’t just say “It was good”, be constructive. Give some kind of proof that you really read the story too. If not a screenshot, include something you wouldn’t know from just the description or art (without giving spoilers).

If you just promo your story without also giving feedback, you will be flagged .
To start things off, you can give me feedback on my story, Planet X. I need the feedback, lol. Hopefully there will be more story options below soon. Since I obviously am posting first, I’ll give feedback on some of your stories to be fair.

This is a great way to get guaranteed reads so I hope you can participate!
Here is my story:
Title: Planet X
Genre: Adventure/Romance
Style: LL
Description below


Awesome Idea, about to read episode 1, will update you once I’m done reading. <3.

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I am checking it too and tagging a friend eheh @ColeCatalyst

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@Nessya Aw, thanks girlie!

& @PsychoOB - This is an awesome idea! Thank you! I would love feedback (as my story is the first I’ve ever published!) Anyway! Your story sounds really interesting, I’ll check it out tonight after I put my littles to bed. :smiley:


… so links aren’t working for me :sad_panda:

Ah-ha! I found it! (I hate the way the search works on this app.) Well, I’ll read the first ep now!


Thanks a bunch!

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Thank you, neat profile pic btw!

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Awesome, I hope you like it!


My review/feedback:

First thought : I like the uniqueness of your story plot and how you gave information at the start to set the scene- very important for adventure/action stories!

  • Review:
    • I noticed a few times that the animation stopped and there was more dialogue. I would suggest splitting the dialogue like this:
      CHARACTER (animation)
      CHARACTER (animation)
      So that each speechbubble has it’s own animation or use looping animations for any longer dialogue so that their mouths stay moving during it.
      • Also noticed a few frozen animations after the dialogue parts. Add &CHARACTER starts idle_animation to keep this from happening- it also stops fast tappers from seeing one animation still going while another character is talking (Nessya gave me this tip for my story).
      • I like the hacker angle- it’s really different! :slight_smile: I like that you have customization (not a neccessary thing for me, but it’s always fun. lol) (Also- I recreated my MC from my story as Rowan so it makes it doubly fun to read. :joy:
      • OoOo that social media image though! (don’t want to spoil)
      • Twinning with the Adelaine! :joy:
      • I don’t know if I trust mom, though.

Overall thought: That was a great first episode! You wove a bit of mystery into it, gave us some shady feels about mom and aside from the things I mentioned in my review, your episode flows really well. I will definitely continue reading. You did a great job of capturing my attention. Well done!


Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I have just read episode 1, I will read the other 3 tomorrow. What I say are suggestions to improve, I have no intention of offending.


Sometimes the animations are not the best, what I mean is when we have more than a line of dialogue, changing talking animations or using looping ones is good.
When characters finish talking put them on idle , shiftweight or arms_crossed.

⭐ TIP: Having A Smoother Scene ⭐

Nice use of BG characters but most of them were the avatars we can find on the Portal, it’s better to edit them a bit.
When BG characters walked on the classroom scene it looked like they passed between the chair and Rowan. Others times, they passed by but I could still see a bit of them
Also, as you added costumization, maybe try and explore Dara.Amarie Site on Family customization.

I liked the setting and I am quite curious to see the questions you rose answered :smile:
It was funny to see a A student sleeping on class
One thing that stood out positively was that we are going to Earth, nice break from the conventions


Here’s my link!
And in case links aren’t working for you, here’s my cover and author name
Blind Date by Cole
Genre: Comedy with some drama lol
Style: LL

I just started episode 2, and I love this new perception of seeing earth from someone who lives on Planet X. Its definitely some kind of topic I havent read before on episode. miles and rowan for sure make a cute couple.

the only feedback im going to give you is to make sure you end a speaking animation once the character has stopped talking. I have noticed some characters carry on moving their mouths without any dialogues because you’re using an animation with a “loop”. my advice would be that once the dialogue ends to add an idle animation similar to speaking.
for example if @characterA is talk_armcrossed_neutral_loop
once dialogue has ended you should add an animation or behaviour straight away to make the scene look more neutral
e.g. @characterA is idle_armcrossed_neutral
AND a story with some sounds make the story even more interesting !

but the context behind the story is quite interesting, adventurous DEFINITELY.
I AM DEFINITELY not liking Rowan’s mom, she’s hiding something and its for sure going to be a very deep secret. AND I bet the dad was an ex agent. Definitely going to continue reading

What’s your instagram, I’d love to follow you

I would love it, if you have time to read and give my story a chance AND PLEASE PLEASE give me some feedback, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and opinions!
its called Insanity which is available in Limelight on my profile @uroojxx.episode

INSANITY (limelight) - EPISODE 5 OUT NOW !


This story consists of Romance, Drama, Action, Comedy . A mix of everything, a full package.

The plot is about

two sisters who have been living with an abusive family until one night the youngest sister is sold to a well known wicked gang leader. In order to escape from this harsh reality the main character runs away from her hometown in hope to find a better future, but little did she know that escaping her past wouldn’t have been so easy. In her journey of finding peace and comfort she will encounter different people; good and bad and lose people on the way…


So Cole will forgive if I skip hers since she must be tired of me by now :rofl:
I will read others tomorrow
My story is an Action-Drama, with strong connections to family called Secrets from Hell by WNVT LINK HERE

I have to go rest a little but I will come back

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For those who read Planet X:

  • Think Mom is shady af?
  • Think Mom is trying to protect Rowan?

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Of course, my dear! You’re my beta so :woman_shrugging: you get first looks anyway!

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I LOVE SASSY LOPEZ I’m still on episode 1. Thought I’d let you know :joy::joy::joy:
Love the story description. So far going good


Thank you! Any feedback is greatly appreciated :smiley:


Thank you for the input, you have good thoughts on the story! I definitely will go back and work on the animation (it looks like a lot of people thought I could improve on that), thanks for the tips on how to change it.
I will be checking out your story soon, it looks neat!
Also, love the poll on Mom LOL, I’ll be releasing chapter 5 soon where you’ll get a little more insight on her. :wink:


Thanks so much! I will work on the animations for sure, thanks for the suggestion. Glad you’re liking it! I’ll definitely look at your story soon, it sounds interesting.


I’m looking forward to reading more after I put the kids to bed lol I’m currently coding Ep 4 and waiting on things to be approved. :slight_smile: And, for what it’s worth, Secrets From Hell is my favorite action story!