Guard desk overlay?

So I’m working on a story that includes vets, but I couldn’t find a vet check in so I’m using the guard background.

Except, there isn’t an overlay that matches the scene. Could someone make me an overlay that could match the scene?

I could try, can you send me the background tho

How do I do that?

Put the image of the background on here and send it
If it is from Episodes backgrounds just tell me the name then


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Ok give me a few minutes

Okay. THANK YOU!!!

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is this the background?

Yes. I did that one bc I need the desk overlay. But if you need the desk use INT. GUARD DESK - DAY.

OH ok now I get it :sweat_smile:

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Here you go!

Let me know if you need anything changed

THANK YOU!!! Now I’m new to adding in overlays. SO how do I put it in my story?

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Yeah of course!
You do
INT. GUARD DESK OL - DAY with the name of your overlay at X Y Z

So if the name of your overlay is DESK then you would do

INT. GUARD DESK OL - DAY with DESK at 1.280 659 -89 (Numbers are totally made up)

Wait so, what name do I use? Or do I just put in desk?

You can name it whatever you want I did DESK as a example

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So I don’t have to upload it or anything?

First you need to upload it
1)Go to the art catalog: Backgrounds
2)Click on overlays
3)At the top you will see Overlays: Avalible for all stories. You want to click on that and click the other option which says Overlays: Uploaded to YOUR account
4) Click that and select your image
5)Name it, and upload it

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