Guess how's reading another clishe story? me (gangster loving)



Ughhhhhh,This story is so CLISHE and annoying.
But Here I am chapter 33 why not read it to the end :stuck_out_tongue: ?
I iust want to ask you guys is that baby Dantes’?
If it is I’m not going to read this anymore!


I’ve actually never read this because I prefer badass kick butt stories, where the superhero takes down the bad guys/girls XD Personally, I don’t like gang stories, as gangs are not romantic at all, and in fact, give off a creepy vibe. But everyone has their own taste :sunglasses: And remember when reading a story, don’t ask for spoliers! ATTENTION, nobody give this person any spoilers, ok?!


Hahaah I don’t like this story eather but when I first started reading stories it was in recommended so I clicked.
Few days ago I saw it deep down in my favourite s and It was half readed so I decided to finsh reading It. Chapter 40 right now.

Story is fulllll of drama and aaa lot of characters I can’t keep up.And she told us story about every one of them (crapy,crazy lifes) typical for gang stories.