Guess I Have to do This


It seems like the Episode community and platform loves cliche stories. Bad boys, popular girls, nerds, gangs/mafias, pregnant at 18 etc; all cliche story plots. Don’t get wrong, stories that are centered around those plots can be interesting, but sometimes it gets repetitive when you read them over and over again. The mystery has been solved over and over again. So it just takes the joy out of reading them because you already know what’s going to happen. I like to read cliche stories myself sometimes. Therefore, I’m confused on whether I should write a super cliche story just so people will ACTUALLY read it or just stick to reality; writing a real world story that is centered around the “real world.” I don’t know/


How about a cliche story with a unique twist that you are proud of? Might catch on cause of being cliche but also get your own unique voice and opinion across.


I’ve actually done that with my first story. It was about popular girls and popular boys, but the message throughout the story was to be happy with yourself and others. That doesn’t sound too cliche because it actually has a message behind it.


Yes! Love @Jeremy ‘s idea. Or you could start with a cliché, use it to draw people in and then branch off from it with a plot twist so you can tell your own story :woman_shrugging:


That sounds like a good idea too.


It’s hard to get away from cliches or already done ideas. Just add your own spin to it!