Guess my personality! Bet you can’t!


I saw a post where someone was guessing people’s personalities based off a few questions. However, people tend to base my personality off of cliches and really “convenient” traits.

I’m going to tell you a few things about myself and you have to guess my personality.

Good luck

Favorite Color:

Favorite Genre:
Fantasy and comedy

Doing makeup, digital art, playing video games, and watching YouTube

Favorite music genre:

Favorite Movie:

Favorite food:
Spaghetti, lasagna, and chili


if you think you can base my personality from my sign, think again!

You can also ask me questions below to figure out more.

Have at it :memo:


Um ur an introvert. U love art.
Am i right at all?


Again, with the cliches and convenient traits.

Also, saying someone’s an introvert is vague when describing a personality.

Try again.


Ok, whats ur gender?


Ok give me a minute


hehe based on your favorite movie, you are funny


You’re a very upfront person, u don’t care to speak ur mind. Ur more of an indoor person and u have a sense of humor. Ur also very imaginative and put a lot of work towards ur art (so basically a hard worker). How did I do?


I know that you’re really nice and when you set your mind on something you’re determined to make it happen but sometimes you like to sit back and relax, you’re a patient person and you aren’t afraid to speak your mind.


Sounds a bit like me :blush:


which parts were wrong


How did i do?


Just missed out on some details and seemed a little vague


You are analytical(hope i spelled tht right) blunt…spend your time watching various escapism videos but would like to try what you see on them…you strike me as someone who draws…
You are kind of social and a little akaward in big groups.
You like spending time in your room or outside.
You like wearing hoodies?
#’-’# idk…i tried… .im probably WAY off



‘-’ i hope thts good


Wait… WHAT? I thought you were a BOY this whole time???


Yeah. I’m pretty sure half of the community went like: “Oh, this she is obviously a he”