Guess That Character! 👽❓ (GAME)

Guess That Character! :alien::question: (GAME)

MUST READ: Write two OR MORE things (JUST NOT MORE THAN FOUR) about a character from a movie/show, then wait for someone to guess the character. If they’re stuck or they just didn’t get the answer correct then they may ask you questions about the character (they can’t ask for the name of the character as one of those questions). If they’re still stuck after asking you questions about the character then they may say that they give up and you may give them the character’s name.


They are a wolf, vampire, and witch.


Hmm, any friends? And if so what’s they’re names?

Hope Mikaelson?


Yes. Their friend’s names are Josie, Lizzie, Landon, and more. Although, currently Josie and her aren’t really friends in the new season.

That is correct! You can go now or anyone else that sees this.