Guess that person! :blob_hearts

Hey guys, This is my first ever post I love Forum games so I decided to create one!

Okay rules of this game
You bring a singer,movie star or disney character,logos etc and after you guess my character you can post your own character for others to guess.
Maximum of 3 people can post a character to guess so we have choices.
To keep things orgaznized type (unguessed) under your character if it hasn’t been guessed.
If it’s been guessed then please type (guessed) under so people don’t waste time.
@episodelynne @OCEANIA @Whatever1 @Aytie @Evi2 @AngelWings1983 @kaiden_doestuff @Amethyst_Writes @ChristinaCh


Do we give like hints or something, a picture of our character? I’m a little confused haha

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Thanks for tagging me :two_hearts:
Merry Christmas :snowman::evergreen_tree:

I’m on a trip rn, so I might start playing this game once I will return home :blush:

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You’re welcome merry Christmas

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