Guess the Book!


Welcome to Guess the Book. To play, all you have to do is post a quote from a book (book, not Episode story lol) and the person who posts after you has to guess what the title of the book is. If you have no idea, then you can say, “Pass.”


@RosePurple: “From now on, she’d refer to him as He Who Shall Not Be Named. Griffin Mancini was as dangerous as Voldemort. Ugh! She’d said Griffin’s name again! And again! Why did she keep saying Grif—”
@BollywoodGirl: Turn it Up! by Jen Calonita.
"He shook it off with a grin. “So, hey, I want you to have fun with Dinah and Cinnamon tonight, all right?” He was all charm and confidence, only, I didn’t want charm and confidence. I wanted to boot-kick his charm and confidence to China. I kinda wanted to boot-kick him to China, too. Where did he get off, instructing me to “have fun”?
@RandomDude: Pass.
"But over the past year, every wish has been spent wishing I was twelve already, a date I’ve waited for my whole life and one that is only six weeks away. Looking back, I wish I had saved one of those wishes because, if I had, I wouldn’t be stuck in this drainpipe right now. Yes, drainpipe.

So, that’s how it goes. :slight_smile:

I’ll start.

“MOVIE NIGHT OR Honor Pictionary or Book Club?” my mom asks while inflating a blood pressure cuff around my arm. She doesn’t mention her favorite of all our post-dinner activities—Phonetic Scrabble. I look up to see that her eyes are already laughing at me."

And I don't know why I'm including this, but these are the answers to the last two examples.

Example #2: Thirteen Plus One by Lauren Myracle
Example #3: Finally by Wendy Mass

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I have no clue lol. I dont read a lot of books

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Mom’s a psychic, the real deal, not the kind who reads your palm for ten bucks. Although she could probably do that, too. Instead, she spends her time crime solving. We live in a small town-peaceful enough, I guess, but it’s always been a little strange here.

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“I forgot to stay humble…” but it added another hilarious element to the video being able to watch you freak xD …
see: Bluestacks TextNow

I have no clue :no_mouth:
“Anyone can betray anyone”

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Oh it’s RED QUEEN! <3

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GREATEST SERIES EVER!! I am so obsessed!!

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Have your read all 4 books?

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Oh my gosh same<3

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I really liked how Evangeline grew as a character! I ship Cal and Mare! But I hate how the Queen warped Mavens mind. Sorry I had to get this all out :joy:

Yah same.

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Earlier in the books I would have liked to see a little bit more of Mare + Kilorn but I ship Mare and Cal<3

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Same. Initially I shipped Mare and Maven but you know how that turned out…

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Simon falls into step beside me as I move against the flow of students, heading for the exit. “ It’s a public service. “ He says with a dismissive wave. “ You tutor Reggie Crawley, don’t you? “

Bump :smile: :books:

One of us is lying

I remember watching it all and getting the tickling in my chest and thinking to myself: This is what happiness feels like.