Guess The Description Based On The Title (game)


Someone types the name of a story (an episode one or a book)
And someone else will reply and type the description that they think fits the name
and then the person that wrote the title will say the real description

person-1: Close To Famous (real book)
person-2-: @person-1 is it about a aspiring singer?
person-1: @person-2 no, its about a girl who runs away with her mom from her mom’s ex to a small town and becomes “famous” in that town for her baking


Red Queen (I loved it when I was in seventh grade. Definitely recommend :slight_smile:)


@Episode.BriarRose is it about a female gang leader?


No, it’s about a girl thief that discovers her new power of lightning that the nobles are the only ones supposed to have in front of everyone in the palace which results in her pretending to be a noble as well (orders from the wicked queen) and remove suspicions. It’s great! :slight_smile:


Cafe Paradox


@leslieloo is it about a cafe that serves self-contradictory items


Through Raven’s Eyes (I swear that’s the name of it)