Guess the Episode Story Season 1

Hello! Welcome to Season 1 of Guess the Episode Story. In this game, participants will have to fight neck and neck to guess the episode stories being described. Rules can be found in my signups post.

Now introducing our contestants. :”)

  1. @Canverry
  2. @Pearl.Episode
  3. @Diamond.Heart
  4. @Zembo27
  5. @MG_789
  6. @Jakefxy
  7. @Secretz_lol
  8. @BadassSaasha
  9. @OreoBiscuit
  10. @YassineCool
  11. @Ghosty
  12. @Silver_Shadow
  13. @Forever1201
  14. @loveyourself
  15. @SkyM
  16. @EmmaZedler

As it is the first part of the season, everyone will be grouped into teams of two. The teams were decided by a random team generator. Again, teams will break up once there are only five teams left. :slight_smile:


  1. @YassineCool and @OreoBiscuit
  2. @Forever1201 and @Ghosty
  3. @MG_789 and @Pearl.Episode
  4. @Jakefxy and @Silver_Shadow
  5. @Secretz_lol and @Zembo27
  6. @SkyM and @Diamond.Heart
  7. @BadassSaasha and @loveyourself
  8. @Canverry and @EmmaZedler

Also, it has come to my attention that the season may end too quickly. So if you guys want, we can either retain the same rules or have only one contestant eliminated whilst pairs are in tact.

  • Retain the same rules.
  • Have one contestant be eliminated per round even when there are pairs. (For example, if a pair failed to answer or answered last, only one person in their team may be eliminated thru wheel.)

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Other modifications:

•There will be a bit more descriptions to allow more flexibility among the participants. And there will no longer be one less than the amount of teams or contestants. :slight_smile:


  1. All rounds start on 9:00 AM EDT every two days unless there is a needed modification which will be announced prior to a round day.
  2. No cyber-bullying!
  3. Be a sport. :slight_smile:
  4. The list of descriptions will be half INK and half LL so that it is fair for those who prefer one over the other.
  5. If pairs are still in tact, only one member per team can answer. They should only answer one number of their choice and make sure to specify which they are answering. You may discuss among yourselves in PM to know who will answer and who won’t. The other person can help the one answering thru PM. :slight_smile:
  6. Authors of the stories don’t need to be specified!
  7. Good luck and have fun!

The round tomorrow will start on 9:00 AM EDT (due to me having to be somewhere around 10:00 AM EDT). Good luck!


So what would that be for me CDT ??? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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1 hour lower I think. :slight_smile:

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So I assume 8:00 AM?

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@EmmaZedler is joining the game as @Canverry’s teammate. :slight_smile:

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UPDATE: We will officially have only one contestant eliminated per round whilst pairs are still in tact. :slight_smile:


Round 1 starts in ten minutes! Are you ready? :wink:


@Canverry @Pearl.Episode @Diamond.Heart @Zembo27 @MG_789 @Jakefxy @Secretz_lol @BadassSaasha @OreoBiscuit @YassineCool @Ghosty @Silver_Shadow @Forever1201 @loveyourself @SkyM @EmmaZedler


Round 1

Guess the Episode Story!

What episode stories are being described? Only answer one number and don’t forget to specify which one you’re answering!


  1. You get into a gameshow aired all around the galaxy. You go against aliens or extraterrestrials from other planets who are representatives of their kind, and you represent Earth! Will you win the game?

  2. You live in the year 1958 where racism and discrimination is a huge problem, and you can’t even hang out with your best friend because of your races! Wanting change, you struggle to fight for it. Suddenly, you are transported to the year 2017 where everything is completely different.

  3. When the school mistakes a guy for a girl because of his name, he had to live in a dorm with three other girls. He has to deal with them for the rest of the year, but he never expected them to become his best friends, and one even a lover!

  4. It was just a normal day in school, but you realised your friend was really sickly. One second he was sent to the clinic, the next: everyone in the school became a zombie. Luckily, you survive the zombie apocalypse along with four other people: a jock, a bad boy, a nerd, and a cheerleader. Then it so happens to be that the whole place is filled with zombies, with only a few surviving people. You five stop at nothing to survive the apocalypse.

  5. To save her mother from death, a woman become a maid to earn money for treatment. She started working for a family, but she did not expect herself to fall for their son.

  6. She is a woman known as the Shadow Raven, who gets energy by harvesting souls of husbands who show unfaithfulness to their wives, or men who are lechers. She thought that was her only purpose until she is found by three people who change her life forever.

  7. You are sent to one of the most richest and prestigious boarding schools. In pursuit to find your father, you end up accepting a proposal from a shady man. What you have to do: spy and gain information on three people who all happen to be famous: one being a princess, one being the child of the president, and the other a child of a multi-millionaire.

  8. You were always seen as the nerd girl who collected bugs. You were bullied, laughed at, and because of such, you wanted a new life. Deciding to start a new life, you pretend that you died by crashing your car into the lake, then you started a new life with foster parents after. You changed your identity and personality for a “better” life, but then your past life comes crawling back.

  9. One woman who lives a double life. On day, she works as an assistant of a CEO. On night, she works as one of the most famous strippers in a club. Struggling to juggle with her two identities, another obstacle comes in the way: the new boss she has to assist goes to the club where she works at night. He starts to fall for her, constantly wanting to know more about her as a stripper. But little does he know that his assistant and the stripper are the same person.

  10. A woman happens to be a half-human and half-angel, also known as a Nephilim. She was granted powers to change her looks and also defend herself. She struggles to hide her identity as a secret from everyone so that she stays safe. Unfortunately, an intern she is competing with knows her identity and aims to destroy her life and love life. And so what happens if the only cure to her curse is to find love?


@Canverry @Pearl.Episode @Diamond.Heart @Zembo27 @MG_789 @Jakefxy @Secretz_lol @BadassSaasha @OreoBiscuit @YassineCool @Ghosty @Silver_Shadow @Forever1201 @loveyourself @SkyM @EmmaZedler

Only one person in your team must answer, thank you. Good luck!


Oop six mins late

  1. Galatic Game Show
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That is correct! Your team is safe from elimination!


Maid for you.

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5: maid for you


That is correct! Your team is safe from elim! :slight_smile:

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Already answered.




um… is it 8. Fake Death


That is correct! Your team is safe from elimination.


Faking Death, but that is correct. Your team is safe from elimination!