Guess the movie from emojis:)

I played this game a few days ago and I enjoyed it so I wanted to put it on here :smile: :smile:

If you’re guessing in the comments blur it out incase it spoils it for anyone else:)
Don’t forget to count how many you get right :slight_smile:

1 :princess: :hearts: :rose: :bear:
2. :fried_egg: :coffee: :donut: :clubs:
3. :girl:t2: :arrows_counterclockwise: :woman:t2:
4. :writing_hand: :snowflake: :house: :axe:
5. :house: :tornado:
6. :princess: :boy: :boy: :boy: :boy: :boy: :boy: :boy:
7. :black_circle: :tiger2:
8. :panda_face: :hamburger: :timer_clock: :japanese_ogre:
9. :confounded: :clown_face: :gun:
10. :shark: :rowing_man:
11. :man_astronaut: :cowboy_hat_face: :t_rex: :potato: :pig:
12. :ear: :elephant: :ear:
13. :boy:t2: :scissors: :open_hands:t2:
14. :musical_note: :fr: :pensive:
15. :wolf: :bank:
16. :rat: :shallow_pan_of_food: :man_cook:
17. :ringer_planet: :basketball_man:t5: :rabbit: :pig: :hatched_chick:
18. :boy:t3: :christmas_tree: :house:

Here are the answers :slight_smile:
Let me know how many you got right

1 . beauty and the beast
2. breakfast club
3. freaky friday
4. the shining
5. wizard of oz
6. snow white
7. black panther
8. gremlins
9. joker
10. jaws
11. toy story
12. dumbo
13. edward scissorhands
14. les miserables
15. wolf of wall street
16. ratatouille
17. space jam
18. home alone

I am taking some guesses here…

Pretty good guesses :grin: :grin:

Ah, I see it now… I look so dumb for getting 9 wrong. :neutral_face: My brother is obsessed with the DC universe.

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No you don’t!! :joy: :relaxed:

1 :princess: :hearts: :rose: :bear: - beauty and the beast
2. :fried_egg: :coffee: :donut: :clubs: - that breakfast club
3. :girl:t2: :arrows_counterclockwise: :woman:t2: -freaky Friday
4. :writing_hand: :snowflake: :house: :axe:
5. :house: :tornado: - twister
6. :princess: :boy: :boy: :boy: :boy: :boy: :boy: :boy: - Snow White and the seven dwarfs
7. :black_circle: :tiger2:
8. :panda_face: :hamburger: :timer_clock: :japanese_ogre:
9. :confounded: :clown_face: :gun:
10. :shark: :rowing_man: - jaws
11. :man_astronaut: :cowboy_hat_face: :t_rex: :potato: :pig: - toy story
12. :ear: :elephant: :ear: -dumbo
13. :boy:t2: :scissors: :open_hands:t2:
14. :musical_note: :fr: :pensive:
15. :wolf: :bank:
16. :rat: :shallow_pan_of_food: :man_cook: -ratatouille
17. :ringer_planet: :basketball_man:t5: :rabbit: :pig: :hatched_chick: -space jam
18. :boy:t3: :christmas_tree: :house: -home alone

That’s all I got :joy:

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You did pretty well tbf :grin: :grin:

Man I don’t know any I watched only beauty and the beast, snow white and home alone

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1 Like and the beast
5.wizard of oz
6.snow wite panther
8.kung fu panda
10. the movie in which a girl get itten by a shark in her leg and is stuck on a rock
11.toy story
18.home alone