Guess the song! (Based on lyric)

obladi oblada ~ beatles

she sent him scented letters
and he received them with a strange delight
just like his wife
but how she was before the tears

Babooshka - Kate bush

Uh-oh, running out of breath, but I
Oh, I, I got stamina
Uh-oh, running now, I close my eyes
Well, oh, I got stamina
And uh-oh, I see another mountain to climb
But I, I, I got stamina
Uh-oh, I need another lover, be mine
Cause I, I, I got stamina

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The Greatest - Sia

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me
And just forget the world

Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

Pretend it doesn’t bother me
I’m not very strong but
I’ll fck you up if you’re mean to bugs

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