Guess who needs help again...Text effect help

How do you make a text bold?
lets say for example I have the sentence “I don’t care” how would I make it bold?

On writer’s portal or on forums? :slight_smile:

Writers portal

|bold| Text here.

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Thank you so much, I’ve already done this but when I preview it the effect doesn’t seem to work. This is how I’ve written it:
| bold | What just happened?
Did I do something wrong.
Also thank you so much for helping me.

Can you send me a bit of your script above please and below since that looks correct? You can PM it to me if you like.

No problem! Hope I can help you solve this. :blush:

Sometimes the computer preview doesn’t show things such as overlays/effects and other things like that. Check your phone preview. See if it works then.

I sorted it thank you so much! xx

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

I got it to work, thanks for the help tho! x