Guest Characters for My Story

So, would any of you be interested in having your characters in your story potentially feature in my story?

So, I have had the following characters in my story be special guests:

  • Matthew (Golden Boy) from The Spicy Payback

  • Ben (older brother of MC in the upcoming story Make Your Mind Up by Bar. She made TNWM).

If you are interested in this crossover let me know

Please note my story is in INK

I’m interested I will give u the details in a minute :blush:

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Skin light
Brows seductive arch
Hair long feathered blonde
Eyes upturned bold toffee
Nose upturned
Mouth classic Ruby red
Face diamond


Something pink

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Also for context I will read your story so I have an idea about your character’s personalities

If you need any females, I have 2 that will work for you! Just let me know if you need any females and I will message you the information!

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Perfect - I’d probably only need one female haha but feel free to let me know any more details via PM