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I’ve seen a fair few people asking how to do certain things in Carrd Co, so I’ve decided to create a general guide for anyone who might need help with building their page. :blush: Please ignore any typos.


Not all functions will be available for your plan, some of them may only be available for paid plans. I have a Pro Plus plan, so some of my features and limits will not be available/the same as yours.


Navigating your Dashboard

Icons Below your Sites and What They Mean

Navigating your Account and Plan + Changing your Plan

Plan tiers will also typically have different variations that you can choose from. If you upgrade from a free plan to a paid plan and create sites or a number of sites that exceed the limitations of the free plan, you will not be able to downgrade to the free plan again until you remove what exceeds the free plan’s limitations.

Creating a Carrd and Choosing a Template

Functions that you may regularly use for each element of your site:

Functions and Settings you may regularly use:

To MOVE elements of your site, CLICK and DRAG. A light blue-green line will appear as a guide so you know where your element will sit if you “drop” it.


What is a Background?

It serves as the ‘back wall’ behind all other elements of your page. You can have solid colors, gradients, slideshows or an image as your background, but it is best to choose and adjust a background that will make your text visible and readable.

Choosing a Background Type and Customizing a SIMPLE Background

Adding and Adjusting an IMAGE Background

Adding and Customizing a SLIDESHOW Background


What is the Page?

The page is what your elements sit on top of and what your background sits behind. Your page can have its own shape, its own color and its own layout, separate to your elements (text, images, etc) and separate to your background.

Adjusting your Page

IMAGES (Story Titles, Covers, Art, GIFs, PNGs)

What are Images?

Images are pictures that can have different formats, such as JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG etc. These can be added to your website wherever you wish to place them, the most common images used are profile pictures and story covers.

Adding and Adjusting Images


What are Icons?

Icons are symbols, sometimes logos that act as links. For example, you can have an email icon and once pressed, the viewer will be redirected to a mail page to send you an email. You can have multiple icons side by side that can redirect viewers to different apps/sites that you use.

Adding, Adjusting and Removing Icons


Where and How To Insert your Email URL


The same applies to this URL as the one above. You insert this in the URL slot for your email icon, link, button and replace “user” with your email address. DO NOT INSERT BOTH URLs, YOU ONLY NEED ONE.


What are Slideshows?

Slideshows are a short function that displays different slides (which are typically different images) instead of just one image.

Adding and Adjusting Slideshows


What are Buttons?

Button links are boxes that can be colored, outlined and contain text, they can also redirect viewers to whatever links you place into them. They are essentially a better looking alternative to the basic underlined hyperlink. Button links can be adjusted to be more rounded, more angular, colorful, solid, mostly transparent and you can have them horizontal or vertical depending on your personal preference and page space.

Adding Button Links

Adding Icons to your Button Links and Customizing your Button Links


What are Dividers?

Dividers are lines used to separate different sections of your page and create a cleaner and more organized aesthetic, but they do not redirect your viewers to anything, they are purely cosmetic.

Adding Dividers to Separate your Text/Sections

Customizing your Dividers


What is a Countdown?

Countdowns can be used to countdown to the release of your story and upon release, the countdown can redirect readers to your story if you add your share link to it.

They can also be used for other announcements like giveaways, countdown to going live, countdown to next chapter update to name a few.

Adding and Setting a Countdown


What is Text?

You can add text to your page if you want to write something to your readers, whether it’s a description of your story, a bio, a question, information or even a quote.

Adding Text

Customizing your Text


What are Links?

Links are URLs used to redirect your page viewers to other sites, like your story, your spotify playlist, a charity that you support, your backgrounds and overlays. They can even be used to redirect viewers to specific parts of your page.

Adding and Customizing a Link


What are Containers?

Containers are designated areas that can contain more than one element in a selected area. The most common is text beside an image.

Adding and Adjusting a Container


What are Controls?

Controls are markers used to categorize and separate different parts of your page. These include the commonly used Scroll Points and Section Breaks.

Adding Controls



Difference Between Scroll Points and Section Breaks

• Scroll Point Controls are Yellow, but Section Break Controls are Blue-ish.

• Scroll Points are best used when you want to be able to quickly redirect viewers to specific sections of your page where they can still scroll and up down afterwards if they want to. It’s like if you have one very long script with numerous chapters on a piece of a very long piece of paper, and you had a scroll point at every chapter. If they wanted to visit chapter 37 out of 50, you could provide a link at the top that would automatically scroll them to chapter 37.

• Section Breaks are similar, but not quite the same. You can imagine that very same long piece of paper with all of those chapters on it, well let’s just say that you added Section Breaks every 5 chapters. Those Section Breaks would act like a separate piece of paper, rather than the one. If you provide a link to navigate to say chapters 1-5, viewers would not be able to see chapter 6 and onwards because chapters 1-5 is like it’s own page because of the Section Break. When you use Section Breaks, I highly recommend that you add a “Go Back” Button link (or just a normal link that says “Go Back” or something similar so they can exit that Section Break by going back to your ‘home’ page and look at your other sections).

• “Can I have Scroll Points inside of Section Breaks?” Yes, you can.

Which one is the best for me? Scroll Points or Section Breaks?

It really depends on your personal preference and the size of/how long your page is. I personally prefer Section Breaks because I like to categorize my sites into different “pages.”
I’d suggest Scroll Points if:

  1. Your site is not very long and you have different titles down it.
  2. Your Section Breaks are long, hence Scroll Points within them could be handy.
  3. You personally prefer Scroll Points.
  4. You’d prefer your viewers can scroll up and down your page/section without being “cut off.”

I’d suggest Section Breaks if:

  1. Your site is on the longer side and you have different titles down it.
  2. Your personally prefer Section Breaks.
  3. You’d prefer your viewers do not scroll up and down the rest of your page upon choosing to go to x section.

You will be using your Section Break/Scroll Points names to navigate to them.
You can either use standards links, button links or icons to navigate to your Section Breaks/Scroll Points, you do this by inserting your own Carrd Co site URL into the appropriate link/button/icon and the Section Break/Scroll Point name on the end of it with no spaces. E.g: my Carrd link and #stories is the name of one of my Section Breaks that contains my stories.


How to Publish and Save Drafts

Remember that your site description is visible to others when you share it! That’s why it’s always good to keep it short, concise and accurate for your viewers and potential viewers.


How to View Your Site


Navigating your Portal (Beginners)

GUIDE: Navigating Your Portal

Finding Background/Overlay/Folder Owner in Google Drive

GUIDE: Finding Background/Overlay/Folder Owner (Google Drive)


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