Guide for Spot Directing in Different Zones

i don’t know i have put it away …

and know i put in:

@DR RENAUD is kiss_cheek_give AND ANNEKE is kiss_cheek_receive
and the doctor gives a kiss to the person on the other side? i don’t understand this anymore.

You have to face him the right way

But i used that with two other persons just the same why and that worked.
What do i have to write then, she is left and he is right.

Can you post more of your script?

@cut to zone 3
@ANNEKE changes mouthColor into Blush
@ANNEKE changes hair into Layered Hair
@DR RENAUD changes into DR RENAUD_work2
&ANNEKE spot 1.280 -75 5 in zone 3 AND ANNEKE faces right
&DR RENAUD spot 1.280 -4 5 in zone 3 AND DR RENAUD faces right

@speechbubble is 192 316 to 100% with tail_top_left
DR RENAUD (talk_apathetic)
@speechbubble reset
@HILDE spot 1.280 -279 6
I am coming.

@pause for 2
@HILDE enters from right to screen center AND HILDE faces left

HILDE (talk_happy_agree)
Hey Dr Renaud, miss…

@ANNEKE is idle_awkward

DR RENAUD (talk_flirt)
This is Anneke Portmann, the daughter of the assistant pharmacist Andre.

HILDE (talk_apathetic)
Nice to meet you Anneke

ANNEKE (talk_greet)
Nice to meet you too Miss Hilde.
@speechbubble is 204 299 to 100% with tail_top_left
DR RENAUD (talk_flirt)
I leave you up to it. See you later, Hilde, Anneke.
@speechbubble reset
@DR RENAUD is kiss_cheek_give AND ANNEKE is kiss_cheek_receive

@ANNEKE is idle_awkward

@DR RENAUD exits left

You need them stand next to each other (like screen right and screen center)

But i have them in spots so that does not work :sob:

try placing them like as I suggested before these animations

i leave it like this, i am becomming a little depressed… Things i ask here i save to my pc so not to disturb for the same thing in the future, and then i use it again and it does not work. The people that have helped me with my story all find it a good story and all i get is 41 chapters read… i am beginning to give up. It is not a high school story ( i don’t like them) yes high school is a part of it but i am talking about people older then 20 so it is more hen high school don’t now ho it calles university or something. I don’t know anymore what i have to do to have more readers. I have the feeling i am writhing this story for myself!

Hey could you help me?

You said “@CHARACTER walks to spot % x y in T in zone #” would work and assuming T means time I had set my script to @ROSALINA walks to spot 0.849 25 185 in 4 in zone 2
But that didn’t work :frowning: my story just skips that part and moves on…
So i changed it to @ROSALINA walks to spot 0.849 25 185 in zone 2 and then it worked! I want to be able to change how long it takes for my character to walk somewhere cause right now she is walking wayyyy to fast lol.

You just had to switch the zone and the timer:

@ROSALINA walks to spot 0.849 25 185 in zone 2 in 4

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Do you know if I could start a scene in zone 2?

Yes, just add a cut command at the beginning of your scene:


@cut to zone ___

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how do I make a scene start in zone 2 or 3 tho???

You use the cut command:

@cut to zone ___

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thank you so muchhh! your a lifesaverrrr. :heart_eyes:

Thanks to another member (I cannot find/remember this member) but they said something along the lines of:
“By you using the Directing Helper on the app and clicking Spot Helping, you can easily direct your CHARACTERS to spot and write the numbers in your script as; spot ### ### ###” The Hashtags are your numbers. Sadly I can’t remember who the member was, but it helped a lot!


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Well, thank you. :smiley: