Ya’ll it is your friend GiGi here!
aNd ToDaY I Am BoReD iN a ClAsSrOomM (ok, that’s getting annoying) and I want to laugh!
If you are wanting billions of reads, but you do not want to put forth thousands of effort and time, then this thread is perf for u! (that was a joke btw, I am not saying people who write cliche’s are lay-z, but let’s pretend this cliche’s is basically like… The stereotypically cliche’, ok? The cliche’ that cliche’s are horrible!


Story name:

Alright so, the story name is going be a summary of the story in this case. It’s not really that different from other stories (the name and how it’s picked), but yeah just letting u know. If you want, you can use something “In Love With A (insert whatever)” or “Pregnant by (insert)” So yeah. In this case, the name will be…

That Hot Boyfriend"

Yay! Now that’s taken care of!

Next, is description:

Ok, make it generic. Make it a brief summary of the story. Also, add a question at the end like: “what happens next?” or “what happens when you find out his deep, dark, secret?” ok?
or maybe not even a question, a CLIFFHANGER in the TITLE so people will be like: “Ooh, I wanna see what happens here!” or “Nice! Maybe they will get dirty!”
In this case, we will use…

“After being betrayed by your friend, Ziannianna, you find that her crush is incredibly sexy, and have a big crush on him. And from the looks of it, the feeling is neutral.”

To start the story!
Wait, characters first!


Name: (if custom, whateves, but let’s just say it isn’t) a common name that has a little ring to it. Never exotic, usually ends with an “e” sound, or a lee sound.
Either common, or very unique.
In this case, her name is Kenzie.
Skin: 90% of the time is olive, light, taupe, or fair. Usually light.
Hair: Beach wave (brown/ some kind of red hair) (VERY VERY RARELY WITH BLACK OR BLOND HAIR(unless POC))
Eyes: Round bold/ upturned bold/ round classic/ upturned classic (brown/ green/ blue/ purple) VERY VERY RARELY BROWN.
Nose: Soft natural/ upturned/ refined/ elven
Eyebrows: Whatever is there from the stock characters they used. (90% of the time)
Face shape: Soft heart/ round/ oval/ diamond
Personality: Shy, but sassy. Especially around the bad boy. Might have a sad breakup story or have had a “tragedy” that happened to them with a boy the used to date. BTW, the “tragedy” will not be revealed until the end of the story, and the friend and mc cry about it a lot.


Name: Either very common, or very unique. Many times if it’s a POC, her name will start with a “Z”.
Common names: Ivy, Hannah, Chloe, Jenna/ Jen (short for Jennifer, but that is never specified in the story) Kaylee…
Uncommon names: Ziaonanna, Zippera, Hyaniana, Rachielal, Yasiana, Kainsley, Quennie-Belle, Shailian…

In this case, she is a POC named Ziannanna. (call her Zianna)
Looks/ Personality: A mean, bossy, POC that is incredibly annoying and rude. Sometimes they are good, I’ll tell you that. It’s just become a stereotype that I’ve noticed…
Also, the friend uses the talk_apathetic animation and the primp_condescend animation a lot.

If not a POC, it’s a default character that has a few things changed up.

Other friend

Usually the MC only has 1 or two school friends. Since the first one is a trader, we’ll add another.
Name (common): Chloe
Look: Most her her features are from the stock character, Jennifer. She usually has light skin, brown eyes, and wavy brown hair… (usually the second friend is light-skinned. Rarely will both friends be of the same race which isn’t a bad thing, but I wanted to point that out for future references.)

Personality: Annoying, uses the talk_apathetic animation a lot, and rarely gets angry at the mc, has a boyfriend or a random love life with the bad boy’s friend or some player…

Mean girl

Name: Can vary. In this case, her name is Sabrina.
Appearance: 99.9999999999999999% of the time is a blond.
Personality: Always mean, but has problems at home. 90% of the time has a crush on the bad boy, and is a psycho.

Mean girl friend

Name: Something common: Anna
Appearance & persona: POC who is very mean, annoying, and/or dumb.

Mean girl friend2 (optional)

Name: Also common: Claire
Appearance & persona: If the mean girl isn’t a blond, then she is. Also, she’s dumb, but feels bad when the mean girl bullies the MC, and is kinda her friend.

MC's Ex

Name (usually James): James
Appearance: A 100% default character with nothing changed about them (other than maybe the outfit). Usually the blond default male that I can’t remember the name of. (the default’s name may be “James”, I think it is actually.)
*update! It’s Louis!

Personality: Mean, manipulative, usually a player that cheated or hurt the MC emotionally. Is mentioned or seen throughout most of the story, and tries to break the MC and her new lover up. The guy might of moved, or you moved, and he came back; either randomly, or on purpose so he can ruin your new school reputation and bully you.

In the end, might want you back, and be like: “sweet, sweet, baby I’m sorry take me back.” The MC may take him back, then he cheats or something.

Bad boy:

Name: Something like: Chase/ Jax/ Jason (I’ve used this one :grin:) so ya. in this case, I’ll use Chayn.
Appearance: Black hair, usually spiked or cropped. Usually light or tan skin. Regardless of his persona, is always described as ultra hot.

Personality: Usually quiet, is in a gang 90% of the time, and has hardly any guy friends of which are shown, other than his gang guys. Ultra flirty around the MC, and talks to hardly any girls other than her.
Has a “deep” backstory that made him want to join the gang, and once he meets the MC he wants to leave. By the way, his parents are not mentioned or seen (if they are, it’s usually just the mom who is shown in 1 scene.)

Second love interest

Name (random): Ken

Looks: Has default looks, but maybe with a different outfit or hairstyle. This one might be blond, but more than likely has dark hair and tan skin.

Persona: Basically is supposed to be a “couples goals” boyfriend, gets awesome grades, is the teacher’s pet, and is a “good boy”, but has a bit of a “bad” or “sexy” side to him.


Name: Mom
Appearance: Usually has the mature face options, unless she’s one of those “kewl” moms that want to act like a teenager. Has short hair most of the time. Wears an office outfit, or slimming clothes.

Persona: Not much is known about her other than the fact she is single because her hubby either left the teen girl and her mom/mum for whatever reason, or he died. Oh yeah, be sure to specify what happened to him, and show a little sad scene. The only scene where she talks most of the time is when the MC is about to go to school in the first chapter, or when she comes home and is like:
“Hey, honey! how was school?” Also, works a lot in an office or something so she’s rarely home.

Again, if she’s one of those “kewl” moms, than she just dances and talks about the MC’s dirty life.


Name: (Usually don’t speak the MC, but if they do, their names are incredibly common and they’re just extras.
Looks: Thrown together, defaults, or teens with belly shirts, glasses, and/ or no shirts.

Persona: If you want to have a bit of comedy when it comes to these kids, you can have some fight going on in the background that the MC doesn’t care about, or have some characters kissing or whatever. Rarely acknowledge the MC, but usually notice the mean girl, and/ or bully the MC.

Teachers/ Principals

Name: Have random silly names like Mrs. MeanPants or Mr. Bigbow
Looks: Usually a default character with default outfits.
Persona: Usually are mean to the MC when she’s late to class, but doesn’t really care for his/her job. Is often partying or dancing, or being really mean and calling the students names.

Gang people

Girls names: Harriet, Tay, Rachel, Joanne…
Boys names: Vince, Harry, Tim, Fred…
Looks: Have old features.
Persona: Usually are smoking, are ruthless, mean, and kidnap the MC.

Background Characters

Name: Either has no name, never talks to the mc, has a random name like Kyhonlieanys or a common name, or is named bgwoman#/ bgman#
Looks: Either default, or thrown together.
Persona: None.

Now, let’s start this!

If you don't want to read the sample story, then here's an outline that can be followed for your story:

Episode 1: Introduction
Not much different from other stories, but in this case you will usually start off on the first day of school, with the alarm clock ringing, customization, outfit choices, and you meeting the MC and her mom.

Also, include something sad, ok? Something that will be revealed later in the story that is completely irrelevant to the plot. Basically will be mentioned in nearly every chapter, but isn’t that important.

EX: The MC beat up her ex at her old school, or her ex was mean and cheated on her…
Also, include a sad scene about how the mom lost her husband. Again, won’t be relevant, but just to stop curiosity.

After meeting the MC and her mom, go to school.
Now, you will meet Ziannanna. The main antagonist. (or if you want to add the mean girls at this point you can.)
you can also meet the best friend now if you want, but in this case, we’re going to try and be “different”
Ziannanna (the antagonist) will be mean to you for no reason at all.
Here, you will have a loooong, narrated scene (just narrator bubbles, we ain’t got time to have an actual directed scene or something like that, just look at the characters doing the end of whatever animation they were last doing, and have fun.)

After meeting the “friend”, you will meet the mean girls/ the friend (Chloe in this case) if you haven’t already. The mean girl is usually just being all sassy, and isn’t like:
“you little loser, and you wonder why you don’t have a boyfriend”
usually like:
“I’m filthy rich, and I’m hot, and I have a crush on (bad boy) so back off.”
Also, use the primp_condescend animation.
The the MC has some sassy response, or is like:
“Whatever.” with the eyeroll animation.
Now, you will meet the bad boy. Either in a classroom, by running into him, or randomly. The bad boy sits and takes his notes, and you think something like:
“That guy is beautiful”
The dude notices you checking him out, and he starts to flirt. Buuuuuut, MC has her sassy responses.
And the dude is like:
“I don’t know why, but for some reason she’s different from the other girls…”
Also, you find out that he lives next door to you.


Here, you and the bad boy are developing a relationship. If you want you can add another love interest here. Mainly is about you, the bad boy, and your friend. The mean girls aren’t mentioned too much unless in school. Bits and pieces are being revealed about your big “secret”, and about the bad boy’s gang life.


This is where the bad boy and the MC are madly in love. The antagonist plot to kill the MC, and have their crazy plans. Something horrible happens to her, and the bad boy is like: "I’m so sorry.

The bad boy also decided to cut the MC out of his like because his gang. Also, he is ultra harsh, and mean to her to make her hate him, but she’s still in love with him.
The couple gets back together, then the MC is kidnapped, and the bad boy has to pay 2 billion dollars to have her freed. Buuuuuut the bad boy doesn’t, and she’s freed anyways (by force)
Now, the MC will be traumatized for nearly 2 episodes. It will be mentioned some.

Here comes in the psycho mean girls.
They got rid of the “nice” mean girl, and now they’re on a plot to kill the MC.
First, the MC’s mom dies. The MC mourns for less than an episode, than she gets ran over by their car. The mean girls go to jail for 1 day, then get out because they’re filthy rich!
The MC gets into a coma for an episode, at the most (not for very long because she’s the MC)
The bad boy stands at her bed, and does the rear animations. Talks about how sorry he is… The MC wakes up, and the scene is forgotten. The Mean girls are still at the school, and nearly everyone ignores what they did.

Mid- Middle:
The mean girl (in this case, it will be Ziannanna) kisses the bad boy while the MC is watching. Even after explaining that he didn’t kiss her by choice, the MC still runs off. Here is where the second love interest takes a big part, and she starts falling for him.
Early- end:
The mean girls are out of the picture, and here you have the option to choose between the two bachelors. And you will choose between the two guys, right in front of both of them. After you choose, there will be a long scene about you and that guy getting married, moving in together, and having kids. Also, the guy you don’t choose, it will mention how you never really saw him again, and talk about how he moved/ passed away/ got a wife or girlfriend.

Hey guys! Thank you so much for reading!
*extra stuff


That Hot Boyfriend

“After being betrayed by your friend, Ziannianna, you find that her crush is incredibly sexy, and have a big crush on him. And from the looks of it, the feeling is neutral.”

&cut to zone 3
@KENZIE spot 284u94539487298769872 in zone 3 AND KENZIE faces yellow AND KENZIE is lay_asleep_loop
@pause for a beat
sound alarm_digital
@KENZIE wakes up
@KENZIE is yawn_bored
@pause for a beat
KENZIE (talk_mindblown)
leaves room running
insert dressing room scene, and customization scene here
@MOM stands screen center AND MOM faces right AND MOM is standing there waiting for the mc to come.
Kenzie enters running
KENZIE (talk_exhausted)
Hey Mom/ Mum.
This is my mom.
She does everything she can to keep us in our multibillion dollar apartment and loves me a lot.
&KENZIE is cry_weep_loop
After widowed, she tries her very hardest to stay strong.
MOM (talk_excited)
Hey sweetie!
KENZIE (talk_handsonhips)
Off to school 4 me!
goes to school

BTW, the mom is very rarely mentioned or seen after this point.

a few background characters in the back. some are kissing, and the others are talking to each other or reading a book
KENZIE enters and sees her friend Zianna doing the idle animation
KENZIE (talk_anrgy)
This brat, is my ex-friend, Ziannanna.
After she ate my gram crackers, and told the entire school that I had a crush on a celebrity, we have been rivals, and I want to punch her so bad.
She also knows a big secret about me so I need to be careful.
ZIANNA (talk_arms_crossed)
Lol, loser. I was just standing here minding my own business, and you’re here being annoying.
Grow up.
@KENZIE is scream
@pause for a beat
KENZIE runs into the mean girls
SABRINA (primp_condescend)
Oh, lol look who’s here.
What are you looking at, are you looking up your lover boy Chin Ken Ken?
KENZIE (talk_angry)
i don’t have a crush on him anymore.
whatever, i know u do, don’t lie sugarplum.
ANNA (talk_preen)
Oh yeah, your ex- friend is super cool now, and look at you.
&KENZIE is cry_weep_loop
ANNA (laugh_giggle)
I bet you’re getting straight f’s, and your mommy is disappointed.
CLAIRE (talk_arms_crossed)
Pretty girls, we have better things to do.
CLAIRE (talk_wave)
Hey Kenzie, I’m going to class.
Sabrina and Anna are the mean Mean Girls, but Claire is kind of nice to me.
*at lunch
CHLOE (talk_reassure)
Those mean girls getting you again, don’t worry Sugar.
CHLOE (talk_apathetic)
They just want to be as beautiful as you Honey, because you’re incredibly beautiful and guys secretly want you so bad.
This is Chloe.
We’ve been best friends since I was conceived, and she used to be friends with Zianna, but she’s done with her now.
KENZIE (cry_weep_loop)
I know but what if Zianna tells the school about what I did, I’ll be in so much trouble.
CHLOE (talk_sad)
I know, Sugar just ignore her empty threats.
KENZIE (talk_pound_chest)
If someone finds out, my life is ruined!
*in class, let’s wrap this up
*meets bad boy, Chayn
CHAYN (talk_flirt)
Wow, you’re so beautiful I wanna touch your hot body.
KENZIE (talk_apathetic)
In ur dreams, bad boy.
CHAYN (talk_think)
For some reason I have some kind of connection with her, she’s different from all the other girls…
KENZIE (talk_angry)
don’t u have a girlfriend, move on!
CHAYN (talk_flirt)
Ya, but I want u.
KENZIE (talk_flirt)
KENZIE (think)
(This dude used to date Zianna, maybe she’s told him my secret but who cares?)
makes out in closet

Uh- Oh! What happens next?!

Chayn breaks into Kenzie’s house and watches her sleep
CHAYN (rear)
(Oh hot, hot, Kenzie.)
(Shut up, Chayn.)
(Because you already know that you cant have her)
(I’m too dangerous.)
(I don’t want her to get hurt.)
@CHAYN is deepbreath
@pause for a beat
@CHAYN exits right AND CHAYN is walk_sad
*in morning

KENZIE (read_phone_scared)
Hey Honey I’m coming for you, I will make you pay for what you did to me Hottie and I will make you mine.
KENZIE (scream)
KENZIE (cry)
When will this end, I can’t let people know what I did!
*in school
*James randomly is there and is trying to ruin the MC’s reputation
*James gets beat up by the bad boy, and the MC confesses that she beat him up and broke his glasses and felt bad about it so much that she was traumatized for 2053958 years.
*Zianna sees Kenzie with Chayn
ZIANNA (talk_angry)
But i thought u loved me as a hawt girlfriend.
CHAYN (talk_angry)
Not anymore, you cheated on me!
ZIANNA (talk_angry)
so did you!
Kenzie, you will pay!
SABRINA (arms_crossed_angry)
I’m sick of Kenzie, and I want the bad boy!
Sabrina, Anna, and Zianna plot to kill Kenzie
CLAIRE (talk_angry)
Girls, this is too far!
*Sabrina, Anna, and Zianna get rid of Claire
Kenzie’s mom dies
KENZIE (scream)
(optional)*goes to funeral
*goes to police and the mean girls are arrested
*gets bailed out because they’re billionaires
*runs over Kenzie with their car
CHAYN (scream)
*Kenzie is in hospital and is in coma
CHAYN (talk_rear)
Sweetie I love you so much don’t die on me.
*5 months later
*Kenzie wakes up
Babe I missed you.
*forgets about the fact that she lost her mom and it is very rarely mentioned
*Mean girl dates James to brag to the MC, but MC doesn’t care
ZIANNA (talk_flirt)
I love you Baby.
CHAYN (talk_arms_crossed_angry)
Well, I want your friend and you’re crazy.
ZIANNA (talk_sad)
Please baby…
@CHAYN is startled_surprised AND ZIANNA is kiss_passionate_rear
@pause for a beat
*KENZIE sees
@KENZIE is cry_weep_loop
@pause for a beat
CHAYN (talk_startled)
Baby it’s not what it looks like!
KENZIE (talk_angry)
Know what Ziannanna, have him!
Marry him, have babies, all of that, idc anymore!
KENZIE (talk_angry_defensive)
I can’t believe I ever wanted you im done with you!
CHAYN (scream)
Kenzie don’t leave me!
@KENZIE exits left AND KENZIE is run_cry AND ZIANNA is laugh_giggle
@pause for a beat
CHAYN (talk_angry)
I’m done with you, now she’s gone!
@CHAYN exits left AND CHAYN is run_athletic AND ZIANNA is cry_sob_loop
@pause for a beat
CHLOE (talk_reassure)
Sweet little girl, it’ll be ok there’s plenty of fish in the sea.
KENZIE (talk_contend)
ur right! I can get another boy!
CHLOE (talk_apathetic)
I know, you’re beautiful and boys want you.
*meets second love interest
KEN (talk_flirt)
I’m so hot, you want me.
KENZIE (talk_flirt)
I want you so bad and you’re incredibly good.
KEN (talk_flirt)
Unlike Chayn, I’m a good boy and I am filthy rich and you don’t have to worry with me.
KENZIE (blush)
Ken is so nice and he has a bad and sexy side to him that I really like plus he’s super hot!
*add some quickly put together scene
*Chayn and Ken get into a fight
KENZIE (talk_unsure)
Sweeties, please stop I love you both!
*KENZIE gets kidnapped by gang leaders.
CHAYN (scream)
Give her back!
Gang leader (talk_angry)
Give me 2 million dollars and then I’ll think bout’ it.
*gets girl
CHAYN (talk_sad_clutch)
I told you I’m dangerous and I’m bad.
CHAYN (scream)
i love you but i dont want to lose you.
Honey I want to marry you so bad idc if im in a gang anymore because i want to marry you!
CHAYN (scream)
Marry me!
KEN (talk_happy_smile)
meanwhile i’m a houseson and im not in a gang and i’m safe. I’m a much better choice than this guy and im rich.
KEN (talk_arms_crossed)
Marry me.
KENZIE (talk_think)
Who should i marry?


KENZIE (talk_flirt)
I want you Chayn.
@KEN is cry_weep_loop
CHAYN (talk_flirt)
I love you too let’s get married.
After me and Chayn got married, i never saw Ken again, I think he moved and got a wife.
And we had kids and stuff and all that.


KENZIE (talk_flirt)
I want you, Ken.
@Chayn is cry_weep_loop
KEN (talk_flirt)
I love you too let’s get married.
After me and Ken got married, i never saw Chayn again, I think he was killed.
And we had kids and stuff and all that.

THE END! (will edit and stuff)


Omw I died laughing this is great lollllll!

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Oh and I choose Ken bishes

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hahaha Its definitely great…:rofl::rofl::rofl:X1000
Oh and I chose Ken by the way…:smirk::smirk:

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ROFL Nailed it. But you forgot/left out the part when Ken becomes/turns out to be the MC’s stepbrother. That would really seal the deal… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But honestly, we all love to hate this type of stories. Some start out good though, but then they just derail because the writer doesn’t know when to put an end to it.



If it contain that part then it will turn into really cliche…:rofl::rofl:

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Aaaaaaand I left out the part where the MC become a part of the gang. I’ll make an outline for this so it’ll be easier to understand. :grin:


This is amazing. I love it. And I choose neither.

I’m an indepent woman, bishes!


I love this song.

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I hate these kinds of stories, especially when they’re famous.

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I plan on making this an actual episode story (a cliché tutorial.)

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I seriously love this tutorial, I’ll totally read it if you publish anything on it!

Ken all the way dudes :smirk:

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