Guide: Making Characters React in Real-Time

My biggest pet peeve when I’m reading a story is when characters stand still doing nothing or laugh after the funny thing happens.

Getting your characters to react as the action happens is pretty easy. It just requires the asterisk (&) and the pause function.

Literally it’s as easy as:

&pause for 0.4 THEN CHARACTER is action

You put that before the thing they’re supposed to react to and it makes your story seem so much more real!

Of course, you can replace the time length from 0.4 to however long you want.

This helps you to make characters all react at different times and make the scene look more fluid.

I hope this helps!

Honourable mention to my best friend @ShanniiWrites who taught me how to code in the first place. This is actually a tip I picked up from her Queen of Freaks script.


Thank you for this. :blush:

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I knew this, but nice :grinning:

Haha. I hope it will be useful to people who need it.

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