Guide To Know What To Do When Entering Contest

Alright, so let’s have a guide for everyone to know what to do when entering a contest for the first time and others who’ve entered before. Anyone can drop tips, help me what needs to be in order from first to last, etc.


Alright, so the Episode Team has announced a contest, the first thing you do is check out the thread, read what is there, and then start focusing on:


1. Characters (Male Vs Female Main Characters)

  • We have a lot of female MC, so let’s get some MALE MC, shall we? But, your choice/decision.

2. Plot - Good Catching Plot

  • What is your story going to be about? Make sure your story flows, and not rushed. Plot summons up everything in your story.

3. Roles For Characters

  • Bad Guys Vs. Good Guy
  • What is their role? Do they play a hard role or good role?
  • What is going to happen to your characters?
  • Does your character have a disability, or sickness?

4. Happy Ending/Sad Ending etc.

  • Let’s get some sad endings to make the reader feel emotional, but if you want to or not. YOU are the author, you get pick/decide which one you want to go with. :wink:

6. Cliffhangers.

  • Leave your readers with a cliffhanger!

7. Art Scenes

  • Are you going to include any art scenes in your story with description.Art Scenes can be OPTIONAL.

8. When you are joining a contest, you MUST INCLUDE DIVERSITY if it is mentioned.

  • Make sure you do your research, and ask for help if you need too. Don’t be afraid to talk to anyone on forums to ask for help on diversity.

9. Make sure your story title has what the team wants the title to be in first.

  • (Example: AW: Prime Evil)

10. Have an eye-catching cover.


12. Is their going to be any messages in your story?

  • Important messages whether it can inspirational, motivational,etc.

13. Are you going to have credits at the end of your story?

  • Using splashes or narration box or readers message?


Once the contest is out, and your done planning, START GETTING YOUR BACKGROUNDS AND OVERLAYS, EARLY. The more you upload them, the better it will be approved faster. You won’t have to worry about anything when it’s time to publish your story.

Let’s get some more tips! Drop in comments so I can add to the guide~


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I think there was a thread talking about win contest or something, @EliseC was it your thread or someone else. I’m trying to find it.

This will be helpful if I enter another contest :blush:
I keep missing the deadlines for the contests so I’ll wait until the next one and follow these tips

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ik everyone does go confuse on when to publish.

Before or After Deadline.

This one? It’s @ELx 's thread.


Yeah that’s it!

Let’s get this straight so we don’t confuse them. Publish before or after deadline.

  • Publish before deadline
  • Publish after deadline

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I think most people realise you have to publish before the deadline.
I think what confuses most people is how close to the deadline you should publish.

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Yeah, this what confused me when I joined for first time.

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It’s been said before that it’s best to publish as close to the deadline as possible as retention isn’t tracked until after the deadline. I think (could be wrong. I don’t remember off by heart) that those 100 reads you need to get to move on to the next stage need to be after the deadline too?


A huge thanks to @lanafrazer_episode for the hard work :cat_typing:! Please make sure to keep this up to date and bumped so it get’s the attention it deserves :fire: :+1:


I think it’s after. :thinking:

In terms of fitting this into the guide, I think 1 would be one of the final steps, but incorporated throughout. Number 2 is a early step, preferably before you’ve started writing, and 3 and 4 are throughout the whole thing? Sorry I didn’t do this in guide form hehe…

I was one of the winners of the last creators contest, so here’s some things that I kept in mind if anyone is interested.

  1. Study the episode explained articles about contests. They have all you need to know- and your chances of winning. For example, one of the things I did was compare my story against the grading rubic, so I could see if I could be even eligible for the winners shelf. Here’s the rubic:

    For instance, I love dragging my plots out and moving at a slow pace, but I had to consider if it would be engaging and compelling like the guide says, so I had to quicken the pace. Another thing is visuals. Visuals have a extra 3.5 box, which I considered they must be important. Take note of what the boxes say, I tried to have at least 1 directing move that would make my story different than others, if directing isn’t your strong point don’t worry, as long as it is bug free you are eligible to win. Important, to be eligible to win the contest your entry must have a 3.0 average score on the rubic. So you can either achieve 3.0 in each category, or achieve slightly below in some and above in others so it’ll average out.

  2. Make sure your entry fits the contest theme. This is so important. You could basically have a amazing story that tops the rubic, but if it doesn’t fit the theme you’re screwed. E.g. the theme of Clue was for the MC to find a clue that leads them to solve a mystery. In my opinion you should know if you fit the theme by the end of the first episode, otherwise you’ll have pacing errors.

  3. Start and finish early. Anyone who knows me knows I was a mess during the last few days of the contest. I was no where near done and had to pull all nighters to finish. Aim to be done 1 week before the deadline, then you can get friends to review it and try to improve if you feel you can.

  4. Have fun writing. Contests are supposed to be fun, push yourself, but make sure you enjoy the experience!


perfection. :100::raised_hands::sunglasses:

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