Guide To Working On Your Story

Lesson 1

Notes: You must write notes about your story it is not going to work out if you don’t. I know some of us have seen people talking about they can’t keep a story. That’s because you don’t write notes!!!

Notes That Need To Be Written: MC’s personality, Ppl around them personality, Plot, Beginning, Middle, End, Plot Twists.

Lesson 2

Have all backgrounds and overlays needed, so you won’t have to keep going back and forth

Lesson 3

When working on your story, don’t do that basic shit. I’m talking narration 24/7, author intros and outros, sorry but that shit is annoying as hell.

Lesson 4

Try not to write about stupid~cliche topics.

Lesson 5

Bad Description:
You’ve always had a crush on your sexy neighbor, when you suddenly become popular will he reconize you?

Good Description:

Demons lurk around the edges of the streets at midnight. Curious Mariana has always wondered what’s going on in the dark. Is what she’ll find so bad?

Differences between Descriptions
Number 1: You’ve seen it everywhere and your not really interested. Plus they spelled recognize wrong.

Number 2: It’s a new description, fresh from the oven. It leaves you curious wondering what is gonna happen.

Lesson 6

Go through every line to make sure you’ve got a great sentence.

Lesson 7

Have great grammar and spelling through out your story, I know some of you have condition or your from somewhere else, But google can help.

Lesson 8

Before making your story, make sure your really on board.


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I can’t Express this enough. Especially notes. Write it all down. Key points you want to happen, twists, personalities and especially the ending. Having the ending first can definitely help how you want to start the story out and develop everything.


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