Guidelines about political statements?

I know the guidelines state that a story cannot “excessively promotes a political agenda” (I copied this straight from the guidelines). I am currently in the planning phase of a Sci fi story that is dystopian. It takes place in the US and in my story, there is currently a dictator that has taken over. Part of my story I am thinking about including a rebellion against the dictatorship. I found a website that has a post on how to get rid of a dictator through nonviolent ways. Some of the ways to protest according to the article is political. I’m not sure if I can include any political statement. Now, I am not showing that a dictatorship is good and am showing the negatives of a dictatorship. Below, I listed some ways that the rebellion group could protest/try to take down a dictatorship. I’m not going to use all of these and am currently just brainstorming. Would including any one of these (if at all) be against the guidelines? I’m still in the process of outlining and the rebellion group wouldn’t pop up until later in the story. Would the following actions be against community guidelines? Thanks!

Mock elections
“Haunting” officials (activists follow officials and remind them of their presence even in unexpected places) (I’m not sure if I could do this because this would probably be considered stalking)
Taunting officials
Create an online Rogues Gallery (a Rogues Gallery is a group of mugshots of criminals that is used by law enforcement for identification purposes)
Performance of plays/musicals
Political mourning (I couldn’t find the definition of this term. I think the term is saying mourning over the loss of something political or how politics respond to a tragedy or something)
Mock funerals
Camouflaged meetings of protest
Withholding or withdrawal of allegiance
Refusal of public support
Guerilla theater (a type of political protest where people performed on the street in unlikely places using satire) (probably wouldn’t use this because I don’t know how I would write this and the Wikipedia page says that the performances sometimes used nudity and profanity which I know are against guidelines)

There are others, but I’m just listing things that they could do. I’m still working on the rebellion and things may change.