Guidelines for love scenes

I am about to write an intimate scene in one of my stories.

The Episode rules are a little vague about how explicit love (ie sex) scenes can be written without crossing a line. Is it like the Choices app, where the script pretty clearly explains what is going on without getting too descriptive? Or, is it pretty much a free-for-all, where you can get as descriptive as you want, romance-novel style? Or, does one need to suggest rather than describe (i.e. as we lay in bed together, it was as if the world had stopped, and it was just us, and our bodies, moving in rhythm?)

Steele Magnolia
Writer of To Love and Be Loved:

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Thank you for sharing! This helps a lot! I would have been in big trouble otherwise (haha!)

I’m guessing the core audience for Episode is a lot younger than the one for Choices. Those scenes get… pretty steamy, to say the least. Thanks again for your help.