Guidline Violation? HELP!

I have been notified that a section of my story violates the guidelines because two characters are kissing in swimwear?

This would be understandable if it weren’t for the fact I have seen so many other stories of characters in underwear, lingerie etc.

Why am I violating the guidelines but the popular published stories, including those written by episode, are not?

Please Help!!


Could you screenshot the scene that they said is in violation and add it to your post?! That way we can figure out why it might have been in violation.

Yes! Here you go:

firstly thats underwear

second, are you sure it violets the rules, has you got a message from episode about it

Hmm, I wonder if it’s because the girls bra is covered by her hair… so she looks topless?!

I had the same issue once, so I had to verify [basically prove with screenshots] that the female wasn’t actually topless.

EDIT: Or perhaps you added some text which might have broken guidelines?!

Because if not… the first reason is the only thing that I can possibly think of which would make them pull up your post. However I would’ve thought that they’d all be clued up on the fact that those panties are part of a bra and panties set… but maybe some of the team aren’t aware of that.

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Oh oops I think I mixed them up :laughing:

Yes I have been emailed saying it is a violation.

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I will try the screenshots, there is no text other than another character saying “You can stop there” (as someone is telling a story.)

I will send screenshots and maybe ask what specifically is wrong, thank you for your help!

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Didn’t they give an actual reason?! They usually do.

But yes, definitely prove to them that she’s not topless, by sending a short video or some screenshots in your reply.

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They said Nudity / Sexual Content

but that was it.

Oh… well then it must be because of the hair that’s blocking her bra strap and making her look topless.

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