Guilty or Nahh? GAME

This is a game called Guilty or Nahh? Hence the title :smile:

How it works, the person above you needs to ask a question, and you have to answer with guilty or nahh, so here is my question… prepare yourselves!

Have you ever left someone on open?


Have you ever eaten the last cookie?


Have you ever accidentally called someone?

Nahh. I have accidentally picked up calls I didn’t want to answer though.

Have you ever done something online you wouldn’t want the NSA to stalk?

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the NSA (National Security Administration) is the US government organization in charge of “global monitoring, collection, and processing of information and data for foreign intelligence and counterintelligence purposes, specializing in a discipline known as signals intelligence” (thank youuu NSA website, that’s a definition worthy of an MLA citation)

There’s a lot of suspicion/memes/jokes about how the NSA watches the Internet activity of every internet user based off the Edward Snowden whistleblowing incident of 2013 where he revealed some classified info about how much they really watch us, but that’s a story I won’t get into- you can google it if you’re curious lol.

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Pfft aren’t you dedicated? :joy::joy::joy:

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Oooh no, something I must try :slight_smile:

Waved at someone, who was waving at the person behind you?

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Have you ever “borrowed” something and weren’t able to put it back before the owner noticed?

Nah, I had zero intention to put it back anyways… (Stealing is bad guys)

Hmm… Have you ever attempted to cheat during a test?

Duhh guilt!
Have you ever broke your mum’s phone, then blamed it on a younger sibling?


Have you ever put your shirt on bcackwards and haven’t noticed it till someone told you?

Haha, totally guilty!

Have you ever broke off a friendship over something petty? (Coming up with ‘have you evers’ are tough, how the heck do you guys do it anyways??)


She tried to stab me (my past best friend)

(Don’t freak out, it’s a funny story :joy:)


Has anyone ever failed on a test on purpose?

Wait, why would anyone fail a test on purpose? Anyways, my answer is nah.

(Stabbing you doesn’t sound funny in the slightest, but okay, I won’t freak out)

Uh… Have you ever… I don’t know, wished that you have those profiles like in dating sims to check how do the people around you feel towards you? (I personally wish I have one, because I can never tell if I’m ‘friends’, ‘best friends’, ‘close friends’ or ‘acquaintances’ with others…)


Have you ever drank cola and ate mentos at the same time?

Guilty. (Actually, what’s wrong with drinking soda and eating Mentos at the same time? People always say don’t do it buuuuut…)

Hmm… Have you guys ever made your parents think that you’ve eaten your most disliked food by throwing it into the rubbish bin?

Guilty as hell.
Have you ever raided the family fridge and then pretended it wasn’t you?

Cola, not soda.

It pretty much explodes in your mouth but some people try it anyway I saw that happening

Definitely guilty!

Have you ever avoided your parents by pretending to be asleep (but really you weren’t :grin:)