Guilty or Nahh? GAME

Guilty. (Actually, what’s wrong with drinking soda and eating Mentos at the same time? People always say don’t do it buuuuut…)

Hmm… Have you guys ever made your parents think that you’ve eaten your most disliked food by throwing it into the rubbish bin?

Guilty as hell.
Have you ever raided the family fridge and then pretended it wasn’t you?

Cola, not soda.

It pretty much explodes in your mouth but some people try it anyway I saw that happening

Definitely guilty!

Have you ever avoided your parents by pretending to be asleep (but really you weren’t :grin:)

Huh, never once exploded in my mouth when I did that. (Yes it was cola) Oh well, the after taste was horrible anyways.


Have you ever went outside because you were told not to stay at home the whole day?

Not to stay at home? Nah Only when I was told to stay at home so I got out

Wait, why would you leave the house when you’re told to stay at home? That… doesn’t make sense?

To piss of my parents…?
Isn’t it obvious? Very intentional :smirk:

… Uh, okay…? Did they ground you afterwards? (Grounding means forced to stay at home correct?)

Anyways, have you ever vomited on a roller coaster ride?

Never vomited, always screamed in fun!

I did not get grounded, I did that so many times, they just stopped trying at some point

… You may not survive in my kind of environment here…

(Where are the rest…? N-Not that I don’t mind talking to you but yeah…)

Have you ever thought that you lost something but in actual fact is with you the whole darn time?

Glasses on my eyes?

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Have you ever tried online dating xD

Hahahahaha oh wait you’re serious. Nah, I’m too insecure and aware of my numerous flaws to date. (That, and I don’t understand the concept of falling in love)

Have you ever faced the situation of being unable to wash away a stubborn stain on clothes?

Oh uh, well if you forgot that your glasses are already on, then yeah, that works.

Yeah never tried online dating either.

Nah never just threw it away

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