Gumball Machine Issue

Hi all,

I’m pleased to share that as of 12:00am PT this morning, our popular gumball machine has made its return and is now accessible to 75% of our users. Since this is an ongoing test, it’ll be available for everyone hopefully soon. We are continually monitoring feedback on this and will adjust the prizes and other elements based on how this test goes.

However, shortly after its launch, we unfortunately discovered a hiccup – a bug that can cause the app to close when trying to customize your profile avatar after receiving one of our fantastic new outfits. Our dedicated team has already pinpointed a solution for this issue and it will soon be available in our next app update.

Sorry again for the brief hiccup! We appreciate everyone’s patience and continued support as we improve and update this feature.


Yeah, I can’t even change my character back to generic female. It only allows me to change to generic male or plus female. Hope it gets fixed soon. I can’t stand not having my own character. :frowning_face:

Me too it is sooo annoying :neutral_face:

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The same thing they wrote here. I know.

The gumball update was back for 3 days and now today again it’s gone (10/10/23)


I was worried my app was glitched or something!

But it seems like it’s back for now and with a new Royalty theme as of today! :grin:

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Yea it’s back but at first it gave me 10 spins and after that 3 spins. Is everyone getting the same amount of spins for Royalty Theme??

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Yeah, that’s what happened to me too! Only difference is I had 5 spins instead of 10. But yep 3 seems to be the default now!

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@ me in the corner still never having had the machine

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How is it that some of y’all have the machine but I haven’t after all of the app updates?

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It’s available for only 75% of the users till now according to what I have heard on the portal.