Gumball machine while VIP

I don’t know if I’m the only one who have this issue.I’m VIP Amethyst so I have the pass-free reading on all stories and I keep getting free reading on official story or even for all stories and I find it pretty unfair and useless.


it really is annoying they should have considered VIP users for ghumball machines. at least give them shards/ shard earnings 2x/3x/ gems etc


Me and some other people spoke with @MissHaze about this issue in another thread. I get it’s frustrating, and while I don’t currently have VIP, I see how unfair that can be for those who have it. It’s like wasting a token (which happens also when you get a 2x boost or anything or a 2x free pass for the same thing even as a regular reader).
But also, Gumball is still in the test phase, and the team wants us to give them feedback. So you can always file a ticket about that and give them your opinion as well as some ideas. If no one or only a few people complain about that, they won’t do anything, but if they receive a lot of feedback, especially about awards for VIP users, there is a high possibility they’ll implement some of those to improve the experience. So while we can share our opinions here (and whine 'cause why not hehe :grin: ) please make sure to give them direct feedback on support ticket.


Oh thanks I didn’t that it still in test phase, I have filled a ticket but they only thanked me for me feedback :melting_face:

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yeah, that’s how it works, but they collect all the feedback and data (especially errors and complains), so let’s hope they will also take that into consideration. :smiling_face: :crossed_fingers:

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Yesssssssssssss send in allllll the support tickets! @Nayah06

I personally have sent like four (or maybe more… some were kinda combined complaints ish so I’ve lost track) support tickets complaining about how they need to take VIP subscribers into consideration. I wholeheartedly agree that like every VIP user needs to send in a support ticket complaining… and also like just every user should complain about pass free timers and the terribly unfair super passes, since often times the user has already read the story. So those are even more unfair than pass free timers. Like they could just be giving out more small amount of gems for those instead or something… anything damn. Like no one needs those. They give them out when the story has been out for months like come on.

But seriously tho… I don’t understand doing that to people who pay a premium for your app monthly. TAKE THOSE OUT OF THE GUMBALL!!! :fist:t4:

We need to bombard them with support tickets on these atrocious “prizes”.