Guns? - why my background didn't get approved/ranting

Yes, I think my background is over the top but it was just a gun and blood with the warning “this story uses mature themes and strong language.”

Episode did not approve it because it violated the terms about “PROMOTING VIOLENCE.” Excuse me? It did not promote any kind of violence whatsoever. I’m confused if you let authors have a choice about including a gun in their story and then maybe a overlay with blood that is acceptable? But, the part where I really don’t get is how it promotes violence, isn’t having guns in your story “promoting violence”? Any who, here was the background: (Yes, I made it) What do you think?

I would email them and explain that to them.

I like this background, I didn’t know what’s wrong with it🤔

That is a bit odd especially considering the fact that there are animations such as draw_gun.
@RudeInception was right, submit a ticket or get in contact with one of the moderators like @Ryan and he might be able to further assist you in contacting the support team.

I love that background it could be the blood that’s the problem not the guns.

Hi! If you’d like to this decision to be reviewed feel free to submit a ticket to our support team here. Thanks! :v:t2: