Guys I have a question

I was wondering how do goood students have suc a great attention span. Like I get rely annoyed after only 15 mins. Please if youu ara got student tell

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I’ve always been a good student, but also got annoyed after a few minutes. There are two thing you can do:

  1. Think of something interesting that you want to do. Then concentrate on what you have to do and when you’re done with e.g. half of it, you can do something more interesting for 10 minutes. So for me it was when I had to learn for example 10 pages, then I learned 5, then watched a few funny videos on youtube and then learned the other 5 pages and watched another video after that.
  2. Learn together with others and talk about what you’ve learned.

Thank you so much for replying :slight_smile:

Our teachers are funny and sometimes tell us jokes.