Guys I Need Help ASAP

Okay, so my friend has a puppy and he’s sick. He’s not eating, but pooping all day, and drinking water. I’m trying to find out what is causing it, and what my friend can do. He feels horrible, what should I do to help him.


i have dogs and this happened to me, put some sugar on your dogs water and observe them for whole day but if he still not okay take him to the vet.

hope i can help


All business are closed, everyone is on lockdown curfew, but if they are open tomorrow, ill try n let my friend call them and see what they can do.


ohh that’s too bad, he should try first the water with sugar and observe him

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Yeah I will tell him to do that.

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i hope his dog gets better!

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my grandma said maybe he has the runs, look up some quick ways to treat it at home maybe? he may have eaten something he shouldn’t have and it caused him to get sick (crayons, chocolate, gum, grapes) also tell your friend to see what the poop looks like ik it’s gross but it can help.

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take the dog to the vet

this happened to my sisters cat , take him or her to the vet and they will prob put the dog under a drip for twenty four hours , my sisters cat was eating right the next day xx

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