Guys, i need help

My question is:
If I’m inspired by a novel, and I write a story based on it, will I violate the guidelines?
And I also name it the same as the novel’s name, I need to respect the original version, is that ok?

Yeah, it’s against the guidelines

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You haven’t really given enough details for us to judge, but I’d say a name change would definitely be in order. The rest depends on how much inspiration you’re taking exactly?

Ummm, not much, I just take some main (4-5 scenes) parts from the novel, but I changed them into my own ideas.

Sad story :((

It’s probably ok. You can email support and double check with them, I believe, and they could give you a better answer.

The way I’ve always explained it is, you can be inspired by the show friends and write an episode story about a group of people who live in New York. But you can’t have 6 characters named Joey, Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Monica and Phoebe who all hang out at Central Perk. You get me?


Yeah, I got it. Since the novel is kind of “Old Chinese” styles, I have to change it into a real fantasy like kindoms and lords,…

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