Guys it's 1am so help :(

And I don’t know why, but like… I can’t sleep. :joy: And them intrusive thoughts be getting to me. Help. :grimacing: Oh, gosh. Alexa just told me my alarm is set from 5 hours and 29 minutes from now. I have to be up at 6am for some church class.


All I do is make myself sleep sometimes😂


I either constantly have random questions pop up then google them out of curiousity, imagine scenarios in my head, close my eyes and try to force myself to sleep (never works :slight_smile: ), go on my phone, or just somehow fall asleep after doing most of those things! :smiley: :smiley: *sarcastic smile


i know its late but when i cant sleep, I just keep quite.


I get that :sweat_smile:
I can’t sleep lately too because of bad thoughts.
It’s making me go crazy.

Try taking your mind off it
I try asmr

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