Guys please write something new


No more mafia/gangs stories please. :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::woman_facepalming:t2:


It’s poppin right now though :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3:


I’m not super into that category either but people like reading them and I don’t think we should begrudge anyone their right to enjoy what they enjoy.


Plus, there are other stories you can read. But why deprive readers of what they want just because it’s not our personally taste?


I mean, I understand your frustration. I don’t particularly like those types of stories, but to each their own. We can hardly tell people what to write. Instead of asking people to write what I want to read, I tend to try a little writing of my own.


I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be any those type of stories, the thing is if a good mafia\gang story comes out and it gets hit then everyone starts writing similar stuff. I know everyone has their own taste.


And that’s why I write the stuff I want to read. Be the change you want to see. If your story becomes popular, maybe there will be more like it. It’s a lot more productive than telling people not to write what they want.


My story isnt like that lol


Read any story from our Episode Knitters recommendations. We don’t tend to recommend cliches.


I was actually planning to right a gang story…plus The Twins is all about a certain gang. It’s completely different from the “i-love-the-mafia/gang leader-stories” though. :smiley:


My story isn’t either. :joy:
My story is based on gangs but there is a lot of background that makes it different.


Same here! I’m writing a Mafia/Gang story and I’m actually a sucker for cliches! My story is different however, special in its own way.


I’m a big sucker for those types of stories too. What’s your story called? I would love to go check it out sometime… :relaxed:


Hon, I know that it’s painful to see the same cliches around. I’ve been sick of Bad Boy stories on Wattpad and Episode. The thing is, they’re not going anywhere. They’re cliche and annoying, but it’s because they’re popular and a lot of people enjoy them. I can hate bad boys and you can hate gang stories until the cows go home, but the best thing for us to do is to just search for different stories.
TL;DR: I think a more appropriate title would have been “Can you recommend any stories that aren’t gang/mafia?” Please encourage authors of other genres instead of bringing down those who contribute the mainstream. (After all, the more mainstream an idea is, the more people will be influenced by it and write more of it.)


My story actually isn’t out yet! I’m still waiting to get my cover sent to me then I’ll have it up!


Ohhhh, same with me.


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