Guys, tell me, how many same plots are in episode

There has been a lot of talking about the same plots in the episode, the stories that get many views and likes but the sad point about all of them is that they are predictable.
What genres are there that have the same plots, stories that are so predictable?

It is all the same as 2 hot Bois and one girl with them. there are a lot of cover pictures about female being with two hot guys or sexual interaction with males. Like why do you guys put that up all the time? Are there any stories that are quite different?

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there really are some original stories and i have found at least 5 different plots. i really reccomend you read ink stories, they all have unique plots.

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And an amazing directing to

I think the genre that mostly have the same plot is romance. It’s either about a girl falling for a rich man/mafia leader/bad boy/vampire/werewolf/nerd

the mafia bad boy vampire secretly a prince stories are getting old now sorry to the authors who have made that their thing but you’re gonna have to come up with something more original now :grimacing:

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Any fantasies?