H.E.L.P !Why is it saying error when there is NO ERROR

Ok so am not the best at coding but what am i doing wrong here? The brackets are closed, the animations are right AND HIS NAME IS SPELT RIGHT! (LEONARDO)

Remove the ` in front of LEONARDO on line 1279

So you have ` in front of his name and it should be erased


so not the advice your looking for but the idle_book_open_neutral_loop

is not a talking animation. so he should not be talking. it looks weird when using a non talking animation when a character is suppouse to talk.

and yeah what @JemU776 said remome the `


OMG BABE HOW DID YOU SEE THAT? I have four eyes (wear glasses ) And i didnt see that! Thank you!

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sorry for the unsolisted advice, but trusth me when I say it will improve your story to use correct animations

Bhaaha I know! I was just putting some random animations because i was seeing error continously. Thank you though! i was abiut to change it back aha

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Np, it’s the first thing I noticed :joy: :heart:

sometimes the errors are hecking crazy, sometimes the erros just dont make any sense. its so anoying sometimes.

Exactly! I was literally changing my animations out because of it! Thank you so much again! I changed them back ahah.

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Ahaha i can’t relate. Thank you again babe! I was about to shut down my laptop in fustration but then i said why not ask the forums . I dont normally do that but it was getting to me lol. Again, thank you!

Does anyone know to resolve this? It’s been happening to me for the past couple of weeks and it’s very annoying. But I also see nothing wrong with it? ( I’ll post the ss down below)

It says “WARNING: The behavior for flirt_coy may not exist in all imitated body types for imitating character MAXINE. May display idle animation instead”

My script:
@MAXINE faces right AND MAXINE is deepbreath
@pause for 0.2
MAXINE (flirt_coy)
I’m a bad bitch!

It’s a glitch that’s been happening for a bunch of us lately including me, we’re currently waiting for Episode to fix it


Will I be able to publish my story? Even tho it says it?

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Yes, you can! I have a story that has this error in every single chapter and I was able to publish :))

alright! Thank you, your a life saver!

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No problem! :two_hearts:

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