H & V Same Name Change (being disrespected)


May I please change my story title? My story title is H & V: Velocity, there is another story with the same name amd the author is disrespecting me on social media. I requested a name change from support but they are taking forever to reply and this other author is getting out of hand, accusing me of stealing and of plagiarism. I don’t take kindness to be disrespected and I know that Episode doesn’t either.


Well the girl doesn’t know when you named it so she has no right to say it’s disrespectful. I mean, a lot of stories have the same name like, Lost Love or Forbidden or Love Triangle or New Girl. So it is just mere coincidence.


Yes it is, and I doubt the two stories are even alike.


Yeah, if you aren’t copying her story word for word why does it matter the title???


Obviously she doesn’t know what plagiarism is.


Nope. If you aren’t copying her whole story completely with same characters and plot and time length then no, it isn’t plagiarism.


You should leave your title the same and ignore her because:

  1. The name or story being the same is not plagiarism,
  2. She has no right to accuse you of being a thief and was very disrespectful so you shouldn’t have to change your story title.

It’s up to you, forget what she said. If you want to change it, change it. If you want to keep it the same, keep it the same. :slight_smile:


Well I requested to change the name of my story before she started her psycho rant. But now I’m thinking screw it! :woman_shrugging:t5:


I wouldn’t change it since she’s being accusative and disrespectful for no correct reason since she doesn’t seem to understand the definition of “plagiarism”. :joy::woman_shrugging:t3:


Yes I am leaving it as is. @Ryan You can close this thread.


She sent me fan mail too :joy::joy::joy:. My mother always told me growing up that, “Your biggest fans are your haters.”


:joy: She is unbelievable! :joy:


Yeah she is!


No need to slander her here though. I think it’s against the guidelines of Episode as well…
@Ryan @Jeremy

“Velocity (real name Carin Taylor) is an Image Comics/Top Cow Productions character from the comic series Cyberforce, created by Marc Silvestri in 1992. Most of the early story arcs focused on her burgeoning friendship with the members of the Cyberforce team, and her struggle through teenage development. She is the younger sister of Ballistic.”


Who slandered anyone? I was asking help from episode. I was the one being slandered.


Well it’s not okay to judge someone she doesn’t even know. I understand why she would be mad but it was just a coincidence/


There are support tickets for that… I understand your frustration when someone messages you like that, but this isn’t the way.


No one was being slandered or slendering anyone here.


I agree on that, but it might make her feel as if people are ganging up on her.


Woops. But she was going overboard about it.