H & V: The Magician’s Code


could someone explain the ending of the H & V sorry winner, the Magician’s Code?

just finished it and i’m a little confused. did the main character die? aNd is there some sort of secret meaning behind the picture of April and Darius at the end?


You know I was super confused too.


if you guys noticed, the picture at the end included Darius with his eyes blue instead of Purple. he probably has a “eVil” side like MC too.


I didn’t. It was such a short time to look at the pic.


Normally if the story ends like this and have more choices that might effect the story, I might assume that I chose the wrong choice but I don’t think that this is the case for this story.


But y did the mc die??


This ending confused me too :joy:. I didn’t really get to look at the picture. I got distracted and only briefly saw that it was Darius.


Maybeeeeee it was his girlfriend.


Costa left the ending open (vague) so that you could decide what it means yourself. If you go on her Instagram to her last post about The Magician’s Code, there are several good theories that make a bit of sense.

I believe the MC did die. Some theories are that by killing herself, MC undid all the damage her Fear-self did. Because Darius then never met MC, he had no one to go power/killing crazy with. So instead he somehow met April and became friends/roommates with her.

I think the picture just means that everything went back to the way it kind-of was, therefore April is still alive.


i’ve heard a theory where the MC is actually in the hospital and her killing her “eVil” side is suppose to represent her overcoming demons and finally dying peacefully.

and Darius/April’s photo was a memorial photo because they died?


I don’t think Darius is dead though since you see him walking through the hospital when MC is dying.


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I’m so confused too!!


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