Hack for Creating Duplicate Characters!

I found a hack I think the community should know.
Say, you allow the reader to customize their character, and you want to do a mirror scene. Everybody knows the long stressful coding it will take.
There is an easier way.

Say you decided to let the reader customize their character. MC, and you want to make a duplicate character, MCMIRROR. After the reader customizes the MC, place MCMIRROR offscreen, and put this command

@MCMIRROR becomes MC

This simple, one-line dialogue will solve all of your troubles. If you want to create a mother character, you could include hair and face changing lines afterward, like:
@MOM becomes MC
@MOM changes hair into Morning Updo

Hope this eased anyone’s struggles!


Thank you you are a life saver

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Ahh, thank you so much! This is definitely super helpful! :grinning:

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You’re very welcome!

This is awesome! :smiley:

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The Apes thinks my thread is helpful!

I had no idea about this. :drooling_face:
Do you know if it works for all the styles or is it just a LL feature?


I’m not sure. I tried it for Limelight. @Apes?

Of course! This will save time for many users :smiley: Thank you so much for sharing! :heart:
I had no idea we can use this like that!

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How did you find out about this? I didn’t know it was available for regular users.


It works for INK too! And even if you use normal customisation, I just test it!

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I kind used a bit of this…

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Oh yes! I totally forgot Liz posted this command when the universal avatar was announced and released!

Coool! I didn’t even though that!


The cat’s finally out of the bag! I kept thinking it was just another one of the hidden commands only Episode stories could use lol that’s why I never brought it up before.


Oh, wow! Dara’s our insider with all these knowledge she has to keep to herself lol…


This is amazing, thank you so much!! I only wish I would’ve known this before going through all the long, stressful coding. RIP :joy:

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Sorry to bother you, @Apes, but I have one question about this:
If I were to use this hack like this:
@GIRL becomes BOY

What would happen?


GFGFKLGKLSFKLSDFBNDFKLBVDLFKGJ K WTH Queen Khadijah bless you I’m honestly shook like this tip has changed my life and taken years of stress and pain away thank you fam