Hack for Creating Duplicate Characters!


Thank you so much! I was just casually passing through Episode official Zendesk, and saw this and wanted to try it out! :slight_smile:

By the way, I absolutely love Reputation and am anticipating the new episodes! The directing is amazing, and the characters are so diverse and lovable. :blush:


Honestly this is the best tip, you are A1!!
And awwe thank you so so much that means the world to me :sob::heart::heart::heart:


Sorry, I just saw that :no_mouth:

I don’t know but I’ll check it later :smiley: I’m curious myself what would happen :smiley:


Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:


Sooo… the female character actually becomes a male character :joy::joy: and you can change his/her into outfits without any errors :joy:


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Oh wow. :flushed:


Dragqueens here we come!!! :heart_eyes:


Wow, thanks! SO we can use it for male family members?


Unfortunatly the clothes are hard to fit - especially the shoes - because the skins seem to be made from a different mold. :weary:

This is the best I’ve managed to put together.



That’s cool! Unfortunatly, the female and male outfits are on different skins, and it is better just to use the outfits in the male closet.


Probably right, but that goes against the purpose of dragqueens.
And for the girls a bit of the tit will show/be bare no matter what male clothing you use, so that doesn’t work well either. Was hoping to be able to make a tomboy or a kid/girl without ‘female’ shapes… Oh well, I’ll just continue to dream about the day when Episode might give us bodytypes…



Not really. Because the male for example will become a female if you use female character


I don’t understand.

So, If we use GIRL becomes BOY,
The orginal girl will become male, or will the boy become female?


Depends on who you change.
For GIRL becomes BOY the girl will become the boy, but the boy will still be the boy.


Thanks. Guess I can’t use it…


Yes, I meant that you really can’t use this feature for changing to opposite genders.


Here comes the bride and groom. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: