Had this error before AND I have tried everything I can think of

Hi, please help!
Screenshot (34)

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You might have a hidden error somewhere in your script that’s not showing up.

Look at your scenes carefully to see if it’s a misspelling of some sort or an animation not written properly or something like that!

If there’s choices, check over the choices!


just go back to the 1st page and reload it. The error will be solve

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Thanks all, don’t know what happened or how but seems fixed now.

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How do you find that on a iPad Pro 11 what about on my iPhone pro max 11

You can look at your script on your iPad via Safari, much the same way you would access the webpage on a computer — you can log into the portal, your stories will show up and you can access your scripts.

Putting your finger on the right side of the screen/script and swiping left will show the animations, props, sounds tabs etc. You do the same in reverse to hide it.

Putting your finger on the left side of the screen/script and swiping right will show the error tab, except it’s not always accurate. You do the same in reverse to hide the tab. But it’s best to save your script first, just in case you accidentally go “back” to the previous page instead of just accessing the error tab.

This is what I’m seeing only so where is it





Are you accessing this site?

You need to go to, episodeinteractive.com

Scroll all the way down and you have three or so options to log in to your account. (Through Google, Facebook and one other I believe)

Once you log into your account, you will see a tab that says, Manage Stories.

Click on manage stories and your stories will appear.

Once you click on your story, your script will come up.

On the left side AFTER you click on your story, it will show you your errors.

Do you understand all that?

None of that worked for me, i even submit a ticket and the list they gave me weren’t helpful

I’m on episode 2 on the portal

This is what it stucks on and it won’t move from that screen

@Dara.Amarie can u plz help me?