Had to put down my pet two days ago


it was for the the best, cause now he’s up there in the sky eating his favorite food and going 100 mph :))

also, it’s been awhile since my dog was put down, and now i have a new puppy. if you ever get a new pet, and you feel like you’re replacing him, don’t think that. you’re just loving another pet just as much as your other one :)) you’re in my prayers :cupid:


Sometimes in the night I can hear her (my puppy) barking and whining. The first time I heard it I thought she was going to be sitting right in front of me, ready to lick me until I ran up a tree or something. But I feel like that her presence is here with me, which may sound like I’m stretching this too far but I’m not. I can sometimes just feel her, like she’s watching over me. We didn’t hear back from our breeder yet on how she was doing (it’s been over a week) and I’m worried that something happened to her. :cry: But know that Fiore is very happy where he is and that he’ll always be so happy you adopted him and gave him the best life possible.

Rest in peace little Fiore, you made your family proud. :slight_smile: :heart: :hedgehog:


*hogdad lmao. I act more like a lame dad spoiling his daughter, except Fiore being male.

I really miss him, and thank goodness I’m not the only one with that kind of auditory sense. That’ actually such a touching way to put it (watching you over). So reassuring :heart::heart: