Hailey's Art Shop (INK)- Closed

(I changed the hearts, sorry)

Is it okay if you do the bg to the club bg on episode but blurred

Oh, yeah. I redid the face to capture all of it, and I wasn’t sure what background it was.

yes! zone 2

Sorry, my internet’s going down. Do you mind if I get this to you tomorrow?

Not at all!

omgomgomg tysm!!!

Np! :smile:

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Sorry for the wait! :kissing_heart:

Hi I was wondering if u could draw me a pfp plz💛 if so here are the details:

Skin tone: tan
Eyebrows: seductive arch
Mouth: full round
Mouth colour/lipstick: either taupe or crimson
Eyes: upturned bold
Eye colour: blue
Nose: soft natural
Hairstyle: beach waves
Hair colour: dark brown, blue or like mint green
Facial expression: happy/calm/joyful

And for the background I would like her to be sitting with her legs crossed in front of a garden(could you blur the background) and if possible have her hold a sunflower in her hand.:yellow_heart:

Okay, thank you!

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Oh, sorry. Desired outfit?

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Maybe like a yellow crop top with blue or black pants( either jeans or leggings)

Sounds good!

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I forgot to tell you the face shape😂 sorry but if u haven’t already done it could you make it oval🙂

Yeah I usually do oval by default lol

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I’m sorry it took so long :disappointed_relieved:

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It was well worth the wait!

Thank you! :blush:


Done! :kissing_heart: