Hailey's Art Shop (INK)- Closed

Lol, you’re not dumb.

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oh maybe this overlay next to the girl on her right and on her left pv1_back_BLUE_FLAMES_5522009414238208_9e90c02bcdc8a694c5e1cf4bb3560905

sorry for making you wait

No problem, I’ll get started if that’s all?

How do I give you credit ? Maybe you can write on the art scene you Instagram or whatever you want to be credited as and I will credit you once again while the art scene is showed and at the end of the episode

That works, thank you!

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Thank you too

Oh sorry, one last thing. What facial expression?

maybe frowning but smiling ?

So like frowning eyes, smiling lips?

yep exactly

Okay, thanks again!

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Sorry I forgot to ask but is it drawn or something else ??

Take your time I’m not in a hurry

I was going to draw it, but an edit is fine if that’s what you would prefer?

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NO NO NO I prefer if you draw it I was just asking :joy::joy::joy:

Okay :joy:

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sorry for that

It’s nothing :joy:

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