Hailey's Art Shop (INK)- Closed

Alright good luck take your time and thank you again !!!

Thank you!

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I once tried to edit my own but it failed :joy::joy:

It’s not bad, actually.

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you kidding me ?


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character details:
Skin: Tan
Brow: Smooth arch
Hair: straight black
Eyes:downturned bold auburn
Face: soft heart
Nose: elven
Lips: classic bordeaux

animation or custom pose:
something like this

but shes facing like the camera sort of.

drawn or edited: drawn
the background:

Could you make her sit on the floor?

Outfit: Doesnt matter. Maybe make it kind of emo I guess? :laughing:

You’re too hard on yourself.

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NO … I’m being realistic

Sure. Thanks! :grin:

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If you say so, but I think it’s good.

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Seems like an amazing story !!!

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Thank you, but this is just a picture of her that I want to add in one of the scenes.

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If I was standing next to you I would be laughing my assoff at you

It’s even better then !!

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Thank you ! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Can someone tell what time is it

6:46 for me

nah I did it yesterday