HAIR: A New Shade of Red


Okay, I would love to have this hair color and choice added to Ink hairstyles. I know we have Auburn, and Strawberry Blonde for color choices, but I would love to see the rich, red color as a choice. I’m aware that Limelight has some different shades of red for hair, but I would love to see this in Ink. Image below, snipped from the cover photo of the forums. :blush:
Please :heart: or comment if you support. Thanks!



Omg Yasss! We need this SO. BAD!


Bump. :v:t2:


We might have this color in LL or something similar but I’m bumping this


I also think that a more brown hair color for ink would be nice. All the browns are more like a red.


Yeah, I agree!




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Bump :smiley:


Yes! Ink totally needs new colors!




I like it, more diversity.


Thank you all for the support & bumps. :blush::wink:


I definitely agree


I agree! Please update the hair choices in INK! :two_hearts:


It looks amazing :sparkling_heart:


Oml yesss




Bump ^^