HAIR: Add more braids



I wish we had some braids. I could use these hairstyles for the story I’m working on.Hope you support me .


Those are pretty! And yes limelight needs more braid hairstyles


Support! I use INK and I would love those hairstyles!



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Oh, they’re going to add hair like your second picture soon to LL.



I change the name now the topic is ok ok?


This would be awesome!
I’ve been doing a braid my life whole-and it’s my fav hairstyle (no seriously, I’ve never opened my hair in public :joy:) but have instead tried out many diff braid styles-two braids to one-so having a section on hairs dedicated solely to braids would be amazing.
P.S the first one looks like Jennifer Morrison :smile:
Also, Episode does lack braid styles in my opinion-I’m very grateful they have some of them, but adding in more for limelight/ink/classic would be a cool update : )


The second one wouldn’t be hard to do in ink cause I do that for Edits but sadly they don’t update ink anymore so it would be going into LL


Lookin’ good! :+1:




Is Jennifer Morrison :grin: :kissing_heart:


I was about to say that this is bcs it is jennifer morrison




I think Episode said that they were working on it with a new update - I really hope they release them soon, they would be so cool :grin:


Support! I love the last one.