Hair and Lipstick for two characters

I have a bathroom mirror scene where I’m using the MC and a DUPE. I want to know how I can change both the MC and the DUPE characters hair and lipstick at the same time? Basically, the DUPE is behind the mirror as a reflection and the MC is in front of the mirror. As the read chooses from the template I want the options to change for both of them.

You must add the duplicate to all the choices in the template and make them change their appearance at the same time as the main character.

“Hair 1” {
@MAIN changes hair into Hair1
@DUP changes hair into Hair1
} “Hair 2” {
@MAIN changes hair into Hair2
@DUP changes hair into Hair2

and so on…

Thank you for replying! I just did that for the entire template too and it worked thanks.

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