HAIR: Auburn Color

Hi, I’ve been creating for a while now, and I have noticed that Limelight doesn’t include auburn hair color (something between ginger red and dark brown) unlike Ink. I personally think it would be great if it would be added :grin:!


It’s isn’t an official color but your character still can get it (using ink’s colors)! You just have to write @CHARACTER changes hairColor into Auburn (or cayenne)

You can also add it to your customization templates :slight_smile:


Can the story still be published?

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It doesn’t seem to work… are you sure it’s in Limelight? Sorry for that :sweat_smile:

For LL, that would be nice.

I just tested it (the ink Auburn in LL) and it worked. This is what it will look like:

What happens when you try it? Does the color just not change, or do you get an error message?


Ooh that’s a nice hair color.

I’m a jelly donut


How did you manage to do that? The code?
Edit: Oh snap! the code! that is cool! Thank you!

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Yes the story still can be published :slight_smile:

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I got an error… guess I’ll just try it once more :sweat_smile:

Thanks so much! Still though, it could be added as an official feature.

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